28mm 1:56 "Water Feature"


The 28mm 1:56 "Water Feature" provides a water effect base for you to add your own statue miniature to compliment your gaming genre. The kit comes unassembled, unpainted and WITHOUT a statue.

The kit comprises of a base with tiled surround, easy dry-fit acrylic "water effect" and TWO central circular raised dias asemblies.

Having two centre pieces increases the versatility of the "water Feature" allowing you to use in different settings. The statues shown are suitable for WWII  or Fantasy wargaming however a space marine statue would give a completely different feel to the model.

Approximate dimensions: Diameter of tiled disc 82mm

Diameter of top dias circle 26mm

Painted statues and scenic models are for scale purposes only.

Miniatures are from Games Workshop,Scarab Miniatures and Warlord Games and are not included in the kit.


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