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Paul Kime from Brimfield sent in these pictures of his wooden barn. Puts mine to shame, really nice wood tones and the LIVERY sign (looks stencilled and sprayed) is awesome. 
Richard Watts from Chesterfield sent in these images of his Pantile Church. How good is that! Richard has added a base and climbing plants. Very precise rendering and a great paint job. Check out the interior in the last picture wonderful stuff. This is going to look really special on a gaming table. Thanks Richard. 

Jason Buckingham picked up this kit at Devizes Attack last year. Great job he made of the "Pantile Hermitage" too....for more Napoleonic Peninsular war pics take a visit to his blog..plenty of inspirational eye-candy there.

John Seitz from Ohio kindly shared these pictures of his Charlie Foxtrot Models "Pantile House 3" this is just one of a large collection of kits from the range John has made and painted to a really high standard. I am sure it would look even better on a game mat! The Germans look really nice too.

David Marsh from Rotherham kindly let me share this images of his Charlie Foxtrot Models "Oasis 4". A completely different look to what I came up with (colour wise) but equally effective. Really nice work. I do like to see some water feature on a table: Oasis, ponds, rivers or streams or even paddy fields.

Steve Bolingbroke shared these pictures. Charlie Foxtrot Models from the pantile collection shown in action on the table top.
My eye was caught by the CFM River and the scratch built grape vines. Check the painting on those checked trousers! Really nicely done.
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Cullen Wegman is based in the USA and is offering a build and paint service for wargames terrain. Cullen can be contacted on

As I assemble and paint all my own models, I cannot comment on his pricing or turnaround but I do like what he has done with the "Terrace" (French Version).Really nice work. 



David Case from Reading has coated his Charlie Foxtrot Models "Eastern Front Rural House 4" with brick effect plasticard and given the upstairs a render and tiled the "salt box" roof. Such a well exectuted transformation from my timber effect copy (image 4). 

Pete Ellis from Southampton has converted his Eastern Front Rural House 3 with cardboard shingles (replacing the card planks supplied). The scratch built log store and fantastic paintjob makes this a real centre piece on the table. 
Mick bought this Charlie Foxtrot Models Ruins collection at Legionary show in Exeter earlier this year. Enhanced with a pack of resin "Rubble Piles" and an "Extension" kit, he has done a really nice job. I like all 3 houses painted in the same colours, it provides a strong visual link. Bottom left image is "Ruined House 4" this kit is a firm favourite of mine. Thanks Mick. 
Scott Harris bought this Eastern Front Windmill at Hammerhead and kindly sent in these pictures. The weathering on the roof is outstanding! Scott's recipe was: " A couple shades of brown and a green contrast paints blended together and some stirland mud painted white for the bird muck." .....brilliant. 
Brian Cameron from  London sent in these pictures of part of his Pantile Collection (I "painted out" his bookcase). Pantile House 2, High Walls and Gate 1. The 3 buildings to the right are by another manufacturer and match in really well in Brian's Boxer Rebellion table. 
Garry Williams flew in from Prague to visit his old stomping ground and the West Midlands Military Show. Garry spent some time deliberating which building would join the Tower and decided on Pantile 3. A week later, I am furnished with these fantastic images. Garry has done a great conversion, the roof of number 3 was cut and filed to fit flush. I particularly like the basing of small clusters of buildings. I could have spent a lot more time talking with Garry, great company and a very talented modeller. I hope our paths cross again next year. 
Sam Kim from Vancouver Canada, let me post these images of his Nebelwerfer. I designed the movement trays for Sharp Practice artillery yet it had not occured to me that the trays could be used for more modern pieces. The scenic wall also adds to the diorama. I rarely post images of movement trays but this is something special. Nice job Sam; I am quite tempted to copy this idea. 
Stephen Dennis from Nottingham, picked these Pantile kits up at Hammerhead. Fantastic job he has made of them too. It is always good to see nicely modelled painted kits on a battlemat that suits the theatre. Great work!

 Giles Newton from Romford sent in these pictures of his CFM Hermitage, gate and walls. Fantastic centre piece to any Peninsular War themed table. Huge table, great terrain and a load of nicely painted minis. 

Cary Beshel from Texas shared these lovely pictures with me. The Charlie Foxtrot Models Boulangerie is looking fantastic. What blew me away is the weathering, the posters, and most of all, the counter and produce in picture 2. I really ought to give my copy an upgrade like this. The last image is of Cary's "Dormer House 2" with a beautifully painted tank sneaking into the frame bottom right. 
David Radice from Australia sent in these fantastic pics of his Peninsular War table, populated with kits from the Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile collection. More of his top quality work can be seen here:

minis, terrain and all manner of hobby stuff and well worth a visit.


 Jaakko Siitonen from Finland sent me in these pictures of his Peninsular War themed table. The arid rocky outcrops really set off the Charlie Foxtrot models Pantile village.

Pete Reynolds shared this picture with me at the Devizes show. The picture really caught my eye so I asked if  could post here. Pantile "House 3" and "Hermitage" top notch work. Cheers Pete. 

Tamsin Piper from London sent in these wonderful pictures of her Charlie Foxtrot Models "Workshop 2". Fully clad in corrugated cardboard, expertly painted and weathered. That will look great on the table. Thanks Tamsin.

Mike Karsten from Burton-on-Trent sent me these pictures of his Charlie Foxtrot Models "Ruined House 4" . He has customised the kit by adding a wider base to allow rubble to be placed outside. Great work Mike, thank you.

David Case is no stranger to this gallery. Here is his latest batch of Charlie Foxtrot Models "Banque de France", "Tabac" and "Brasserie". wow....just wow. 

 Bill Hanna from Sleaford sent in the images of his miniatures. Bill is using the Charlie Foxtrot Models movement trays to display his D&D warbands. Really well done and nice to see the trays having an alternative use. I don't usually post images of trays and bases....but these are an exception. Great work Bill. 
Adam Dews my good mate from Hungerford has produced this really nice CFM Pond 1. Adam tells me he printed off the duckweed effect and sandwiched the paper between the wood base and acrylic top sheet. Really effective and the theme is further enhanced with Warbases ducks. Cheers Adam thanks for sharing the pics. 
Nicholas Rowland from St Leonards on Sea sent in these pictures of his Spanish Windmill. This model had been enhanced with an enlarged scenic base. Nicholas lost the card window frame above the door and improvised with a washer to make a round window. This is the first time Nicholas had appeared in this gallery with his excellent work. I understand that he is now working on the Banque de France.  I look forward to seeing and sharing image of that. 

David Case yet again! This time David has worked on "L'Epicerie"  and has done a fantastic job. I was delighted to meet David at Warfare and shake his hand (hoping a bit of talent rubs off) 


 David Case from Reading sent in these wonderful pictures of his work. I think "wow!" covers it. 

Stuart Bowie from Bexhill-On-Sea has painted and textured a load of tree bases for an upcoming game adding rocks and ground foliage is a nice touch. I designed the tree bases back in 2013 and in recent months they have become really popular. Nice to see some painted and in use.....Cheers Stu. 


 Matt Wood from Illinois kindly send me these images. Outstanding work. The engraved brickwork lines picked out with an excellent paintjob really gives the impression of old weathered stonework. 

Bart Goris from Belgium sent in these pictures of his Spanish Windmill. Bart has covered the sails with tissue paper to completely change the look. I am so sad that I will not be at Crisis again this year and seeing this model up close. Thanks Bart. 


Leon Davis from Birmingham ( Warpaint General on Facebook and well worth following) has done it again. Fantastic work on his Peninsular War table with outstanding work to his Charlie Foxtrot Models Church, Tower, Gate 1 and walls. 


 Tim Abbott from the States sent in these images of his "Workshop". Tim has really gone to town, cladding with corrugated sheet and wood. The attention to detail is outstanding, what an interior!

James Mullins from Coseley, kindly let me post these images of his fantastic Hotel "Desire Ingouf". Very nicely tiled, textured and painted. Posters, scratch made road signs and an old worn painted advert really do enhance this model. Look closely at the miniatures too! great work James, thank you. 


I did this custom order for Axel Hackbarth in Germany some time ago. I am blown away by his Kings of War army on my multi-bases and trays. So glad to play a small part in this project.
 Leon Davis from Birmingham sent in this picture of his Pantile Tower. Hard to describe how good this is...the minis are excellent too. Leon has quite a large number of the Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile kits. I am looking forward to seeing more of this high quality work. 
Derek Hodge from Midlothian has completed one of his retirement gifts: the Charlie Foxtrot Models "Spanish Windmill" and a really good job he has made of it too. Derek is a really prolific painter whom I have followed for a number of years. Looking forward to seeming more quality work soon.
Adam Watters from Tucson Arizona USA sent in these pics of his Brasserie and Boulangerie both with back yards. A novel idea of swithcing the top floor round on the Boulangerie to put the balcony to the rear and have a shop sign displayed to the front is sonething I had not seen before. Fantastic idea which works so well. Adding possters to the walls date and give the buildings context. The Pelican Cigarette sign was painted freehand by Adam's daughter. It was the pelican that really caught my eye. 
Steve Jones from Wallasey sent in this fantastic picture of part of his railway layout. Hard to believe this is the 20mm Charlie Foxtrot Models "Tabac" now repurposed as Tearooms.
Jacob Howard-Almond from Ashford has scratch made an impressive base for the CFM "Workshop" (CFM Stone Shed to the right) with piles of crates etc giving  lived in look. What really caught my eye was the interior. The shelving full of clutter is works so well.
 Good mate Bill Jennings from Plymouth has produced this superb layout with a collection of Charlie Foxtrot Models kits. Bill has coated each wirh rolled out Das Pronto air drying clay and used 3d printer brick mesh made by Purple Lion Creations to add textural interest. Good thing is: I will get to game on this once lock-down is over. Bill's texture is a great match for the Debris of War stone surrounding walls.
 Simon Cooper from Swindon has done a great painting job with the CFM Stone Barn. The scenic base is outstanding.  I like the additional climbing plants and mossy roof too.  
Arjan Hoogervorst from the Netherlands has really gone to town with the basing of this Charlie Foxtrot Models "Eastern Front Rural House 4." Little touches like logs in the wood store, trees and gravel paths make this a really nice piece of scenery. Thanks for sharing Arjan.
Steve Miller from Red Oak Texas sent in these great pictures of his table populated with Charlie Foxtrot Models pantile kits. Really good job done with the texture and painting. Great mini painting too. I do like to see man-cave games rooms, this looks like a perfect place to game. I would live to browse that wall cabinet too. 



I am usually not in the habit of posting pictures of Charlie Foxtrot Models movement trays. There is always an exception: Mark Taylor from Bristol sent me these wonderful images. I really like the idea of taking a 6 man tray, blanking off some holes and turning it into an artillery tray. More of Mark's army can be viewed here:

 Mark Riding from Iver Heath sent in pictures of two of his layouts. The Peninsular War are all Charlie Foxtrot Models with Mark's addition of a basing strip for the walls. The French scene is interesting as the CFM front and back yards fit the 4Ground terrace. A great weathered paint job all round. Nice work Mark, many thanks. 

 Joe Bilton has been busy again: The Charlie Foxtrot Models "Chapellerie" with Joe's usual enhancements. This time: boarded windows, textured walls, Cinzano sign and broken glass. Top quality work, not surprising Joe regularly features in this gallery. 


Mike Scott from Doncaster sent in these pictures of his "Workshop". I am sure Lardy Nick has started a trend in converting this model to a garage. The signs are a nice touch and the painted lettering is outstanding. Really nice work Mike, cheers.

Dan King from Kingswood kindly let me share these Facebook images in this gallery. Fantastic weathering put my version to shame. Really nice work Dan, thanks. The black & white image really does bring out the detail of the windows. If you cropped the mini bases off you would be forgiven for thinking this was real. 


 Eoin O'Brien from Kilkenny kindly let me lift these images from Facebook. I am reliably informed by Eoin that there are 10 CFM kits on this superb table. A particular item really appealed. The log piles of felled timber...brilliant for cover and adds flavour to the layout. Bell built, well painted and well presented. I would like to game on this. Thanks Eoin.

Graham Thomson from Edinburgh sent me this picture of the "Water Feature" and a few custom drawn trays. When placed together it all "works". It is so good to see finished work, I supply bare wood and it is transformed. Nice one Graham. 

Steve Jones from Yeovil sent in this picture of his 5.5mm (1/55 scale) railway layout. Being 1/56 scale the Charlie Foxtrot Models are a very close match. I really like the way Steve has joined two Brasseries to make a larger building and hidden the seam with roof tiles. The second model has a custom drawn sign. 

Matt Gosling from Studley is no stranger to this gallery. Here is more of Matt's excellent work. The Charlie Foxtrot Models V1 Launch Ramp (with Tamiya Doodlebug). I really like the angular disruption pattern Matt has skillfully applied. This table looks great! 
Joe Bilton designer of D&D maps at and recent joint winner of the Charlie Foxtrot Models painting competition sent me these pictures of his "28mm Stone Barn". Joe certainly has what it takes. His use of colour is beyond me.  

Gavin Miles from Reading sent in this pic of the CFM "Pond" a really nice job has been made of this. I do not know why they always look better with a stone on the side. Shame they are out of focus as this looks like a fantastic collection of Elves.  


William Gosling (age 7) bought this kit at the Wolverhampton show in March. Helped by his dad Matthew the "Ruined House 2" is now looking great. Who says this hobby is an old blokes pastime? Well done William it is so good you have an interest in history too. Ask your dad for a game and I hope to see you in March next year. 

  Koen Van Parijs from Belgium. This deserves a very close look...even looks great with really large pictures. . 


Joe Bilton from Watford work his magic yet again.

 Travis Turk's table from New Jersey USA. I counted 4 CFM kits in this set up. Really nice! More eye-candy will follow over the coming week.

Bjorn Magunski sent in this picture of his outstanding table...Not CFM I know but the downed Spitfire looks great. WWII tables always look and play better with lots of scenery. 



Today's eye candy comes from John Emmett over in the States. I had the good fortune to meet John at Crisis: top bloke and Ambassador of Lard America (and yes he was wearing the shirt to prove it). I could have spent the day just chatting to him, his enthusiasm is infectious.
John has covered the Wagon Shed with embossed printed paper and skillfully executed the teddy bear fur thatching. I have not been a fan of that method until now...this looks marvelous!



I follow Joe Bilton (@Heroic Maps) on Twitter. When he is not producing fantastic digital maps for D&D games he does modelling to this standard. The layout is mainly Charlie Foxtrot Models (with a couple of Sarissa kits if I am not mistaken). This is fantastic. I would love to game on this table. 

Back in September I played on Bob Connor's brilliant Peninsular War table at Clotted lard in Exeter. Here are a few pics of Bob's work taken after the event. I find it hard to believe he achieved all this in just over two weeks. The more I look the more detail and modifications I can see. I like the bathtub and bench outside the houses. Bob has even blocked off stable doors to make an alternative building. 


Bart Goris from Belgium (aided with 2 friends sadly I did not collect their names) put on this display table at Crisis 2019. Superb work from these guys...the last picture shows a map which, on close inspection, was of the actual gaming table layout. Brilliant attention to detail. 

Steve Watkins from Disley Stockport sent in these pictures. A real mix of manufacturers buildings. CFM Hotel appears on the right in the 1st pic and main stage of the 2nd. I love the 1st picture, feeling really immersed in the action. Anticipating enemy fire any moment.... Fantastic work and dynamic photography. Must be a real pleasure to game n this table. Thanks Steve.

And more from the skilled Andy Gale. I keep going back to his work and staring doing a goldfish impression. 


Andy Gale from Stone in Staffordshire has appeared in this gallery before with his Pantile Store. I see a lot of buildings which I think look great. This particular version of the Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile Church is incredible. More of Andy's work will be uploaded later. 


Adam Dews has skilfully applied a textured flecked spray paint onto his Cafe De Normandie to great effect. I had seen this paint before but not considered it for buildings. Great idea, the fleck really works. The simple addition of printed paper posters and adverts adds flavour and "dates" the period. Nice one Adam. You are getting to be a veteran in this gallery.



Ulric Rieger from Hamburg, sent in these brilliant Minefields making grear use of casualty models (Black Tree Designs I think) really nice job with sculpted craters, and helmet and rifle details. Each piece tells it's own story.

George Anderson from Carnforth is the most prolific modeller / painter I know. Producing output from so many periods to a high standard. Here he has based up "Dormer House 2" and it looks fantastic. Thanks George.....I  did notice the "Jock" name on the Sherman....nice touch mate,   

Philippe Montoya from L Union in France sent in these superb pics of his Pantile Tower. Looking closely, it looks like the door has been left with the laser burn providing the shading. That works! Glad to see there is a marksman in the tower with 360 degree vision it is the place to be. Nice one Philippe. 

Ex-pat Ralph Ashdown (black shirt) mailed in this picture. Here Ralph is gaming with his local club mates in France. I spotted the Table Edge Terrace, Boulangerie and Brasserie by Charlie Foxtrot Models. Unfortunately, the lighthouse is not one of my kits (I wish it was, it looks great).

Alan Morgan from the Wirral, Merseyside, sent in these pics. I do not often post pics with movement trays or bases on but these really caught my eye. So full of character. Lots of attention has been paid to the artillery tray with barrels, a CFM wheel and cannon balls. Add to that a great paint job and it is a winner. Nice work Alan many thanks. 

Joe Bilton from Watford sent in these pics. When Joe is not drawing "Heroic Maps" for D&D type games, he models, paints and games. ....Joe is no stranger to this gallery for good reason...his work is fantastic. Pay a visit to to see more of Joe's work.

I saw this post on Twitter and now follow Heinz Schroeder (in Australia).

The V1 Launch Ramp and German Sentry Box look great on this table. Heinz is currently working on the Hotel from Charlie Foxtrot Models. That is one I am looking forward to see. Thanks Heinz for allowing use of the pics.


Dave Upton from York has produced this really impressive layout with multiple products from the Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile Collection. Enhanced with Debris of War barrels and crates and a Grand Manor fountain, this piece is something to study. Each time I look I pick out more detail. Excellent work Dave.

Louis from Germany sent in this picture. I was unaware that this style of architecture was practiced in Bavaria, where brown and green windows are commonplace. Love this hobby so much to learn. Thanks Louis nice work, I look forward to seeing more like this soon. 

Peter Davies from Nottingham sent in this eye-candy. Movement tray by Charlie Foxtrot Models for Sharp Practice, minis by Trent Miniatures skill liberally applied by Peter. Blanking out 2 of the tray holes and adding rocks etc....great idea. The paintjob is superb giving a real arid look.

Dave Aston from Taunton picked up a few Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile kits from the PAW show in Plymouth. Well textured, nicely painted and on the table amid a "Blood & Plunder". They set the scene for his superbly colourful minis. Thanks Dave (I hope to see you at the Exeter show).

Neil Bishop from Canturbury sent in these pictures of his very well turned out Norman cavalry by Footsore Miniatures. A tiny amount of Charlie Foxtrot Models input with the movement trays and pill bases (that come with it). Just my excuse for posting a little eye-candy.

Mark Bretherton, from Australia was inspired by Lardy Nick's 28mm garage and produced this ....but in 20mm. A whole lot of personality with this kit that tells a story. ...superb work Mark.

Good chum Brian Collins from Plymouth is no stranger to Charlie Foxtrot Models HQ. On a visit last week, he brought this and I took a few pics. Really impressed no wonder Brian picks up many "best in show tables" (along with his Battlegroup South buddies). Here is his enhanced 28mm a bookshop with individually bound books, book cases, guttering, railings and beams. Awesome.

Ulrich Rieger from Hamburg in Germany sent in the pictures of his "Ruined House 3". "Humble attempt" he claims! I feel certain any Chain of Command player like him would be pleased to game over such well turned out scenery. I always get drawn to the little extras people add to their models to make them different. The Ivy up the wall and propaganda poster really caught my eye. This kit was part of a larger order. I hope to see more of Ulrichs' work soon.


Daniel Butlin from Birmingham sent in this picture of his "Farmhuse 1" splendid paint  job with nice texture,weathering, graffitti and scenic base. This piece would look great on any Normandy table. Cheers Daniel. 

 Andy Gale from Stone in Staffordshire kindly sent me these pictures of his Pantile Store. I met Andy at the WMMS and begged him for the pictures. Really great work from a nice chap. I could have chatted to him all day. Cheers. 

Joseph Bilton from Watford let me lift this picture from Twitter. His Eastern Front Rural House 2 and Razed 1 both look outstanding on this table. I follow Joe on Twitter he is a very talented chap! Well worth a visit to @HeroicMaps

 Phil Robinson   is no stranger to the Charlie Foxtrot Models gallery and his work maintains a superb consistent standard. Here is his 28mm "Dormer House 2" with customised scenic base. Phil does put my attempts at weathering to shame. Beautiful...
An eye-candy catch up from the Penarth show a lot of CFM kits have been converted in some way by the talented Allan Jones & Stephen Gage. Anyone taking a saw to the Tidewater Home (twice) and converting both like this gets a standing ovation. Rural House 2 is also converted into a water wheel. Brilliant work from a pair of really nice so impressed.

Andrew Dunn from Blyth mailed me this piece of eye-candy ...winter zeltbahn. Wonderful, atmospheric piece (really nice oak leaf camouflage too). Thanks Andrew.


Robin Ovens sent in these pictures of the CFM Dormer House 2 in 20mm. Hard to believe it is the 20mm version. Tiled roof, textured wall and muddy bootprints...brilliant.

Leigh Jackson my old mate from Haywards Heath let me lift these from his FB page. Quite the collection of Charlie Foxtrot Models, all from the New World range and all looking fantastic.


Joe Bilton from Watford kindly let me use these pictures. CFM Workshop, a really nice version to rival that of Lardy Nick (see earlier post). More of Joe's excellent work can be found on Twitter @HeroicMaps. That roof is something special.

Jan Jespersen from Denmark kindly let me lift these pictures from his Facebook page. He has expertly given the " New World Tavern"  a makover, converting the front to resemble a hotel in a Danish TV Show. Superb modelling, roof tiling and painting too.

Chris Cornwell from Kew sent me these pictures. A very well painted "Eastern Front Rural House 2". Great painted wood tones and very convincing ivy growing up the strut. The wind blown leaf litter on the walkway provided an additional splash of colour as does the moss on the roof, breaking up a vast expanse of brown.  It also shows how effective German camouflage schemes were, this chap really blends in. Scroll down and compare to the same building in a winter paint scheme. There are so many talented people in this hobby.

Ivy by Javis (supplied by Great Escape Games)

Thomas Jakobsen from Denmark sent these pictures in of his Eastern Front winter themed table. Snow can be difficult to look realistic...Thomas has the knack. I feel cold looking at these pictures. More of Thomas's work can be seen on his blog . It has loads of inspirational eye candy and is well worth a visit.


Michal Pokorny from Chech Republic sent these pictures of his Normandy table via Facebook. Once more Michal (who is no stranger to this gallery) has shown real creative flare and attention to detail. The cobbled streets, telegraph poles, posters on the walls and courtyards give this town a real lived in look. Great work Michal.

 Shamelessly using these pics taken (with permission) from Twitter. Lardy Nick Skinner has taken a basic Charlie Foxtrot Models kit and worked it into something magical. Look closely, there is so much going on here.

John Emmett from Virginia kindly let me grab these images from Twitter (@HerrBrush67) This is "Ruined House 1" with a very re-worked roof. Plastic things from the basement furniture have been added if I am not mistaken. The fabric draped over the chest of drawers is an inspired addition. Each time I look at these picture, there is more I get impressed with. I am now following John on Twitter for more of this inspirational work.

Adam Dews let me take a few pictures of his heavily converted "Workshop" lots of coffee stirrer cladding, graffitti, posters and a nice paint job. A joy to see this in the flesh. Cheers Adam.

Harry Peless from the States sent in these pictures of his "Terrace Backyard, Nes Shed and Old Shed". He has added card tiles to the shed roof, a wide range of tufts, flowers and clump foliage which sets off his well weathered painting. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of Harrys collection. Nice one Harry, the bar has been set high.

 Derek Hodge from Edinburgh added to his Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile collection and picked up this kit at "Claymore". A wonderful job he has made of it too. If you Tweet, more of his excellent work can be seen @DereksWeeToys Derek also has the Pantile Church in his collection...I notice he has studded the door (I am going to guess dress making pins)...nice touch. 

Kevin Major picked up an order of Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile kits at the Bovington show. A remarkable result after such a short time. I really like the configuration of walls / buildings and nicely painted minis. This would be great to game with. Thanks kevin.

  Martin Niklaus from Germany mailed in pictures of his Pantile models. Thankfully he also posted a link to his blog:

Luckily for me, it is all in English! Well worth a vist for ideas and eye candy presented in a very accessible, professional way. Thanks Martin. 


I had permission from the talented chaps at Iron Hammer Studios in USA to share these images. Top notch work once again this time Charlie Foxtrot Models "Rural House 3" gets the Iron Hammer treatment. The "Log Store" has been so heavily worked, I can hardly recognise the base kit.

Geoff Lacey from Bideford has painted "Ruined House 1, 2 & 3" with a very dark pallett of colours (responding to a customer request). More of Geoff's splendid commission and personal work can  be seen on his Facebook Page "Purple Lion Creations"

Arthur van der Ster from the Netherlands, is a regular contributer to this gallery. Here is his Shiloh Church in action and up close. The battle of Shiloh was refought on 7th April 2018 marking the actual battles anniversary. Whilst the church on its own has many authentic features, the model is a backdrop to such a large and well painted minis collection. What a spectacle, I would have loved to have seen that game play out.

Phil Turner & Jenny Owens from Gravesend kindly send in these pictures from the collection of Charlie Foxtrot Models picked up at the Bristol Independent Gaming Lard day in January. It is the little attention to details that really make them look great ( apart from the excellent painting of course!). The climbing plants, chap with the donkey etc. The whole scene just looks right.

Steve Charlton is a great modeller & painter, it was a real pleasure to team up with him and game with his models. These pictures are from a different event from previously posted. Such rich eye candy deserves a second showing. Cheers Steve I hope to play alongside or across the table from you again.

John Quaife from Southampton has a very impressive Napoleonic collection. John's fine work is based on Charlie Foxtrot Models custom made trays, drawn to John's specifications. I note too that the 20mm Farmhouse has been customised by John and really looks the part.


The Battle of Shiloh was fought on 6/7th April 1862. To mark this event, a huge 28mm ACW game was put on in the Netherlands with Charlie Foxtrot Models Shiloh Church gracing the table. Arthur van der Ster painted this kit and also wrote a review for the

I discovered these pictures and had to track down the artists responsible for such a sterling job. Eastern Front Rural House 2 expertly painted and enhanced by Tony & Dave from Iron Hammer Studios. Iron Hammer Studios are based in the USA and are taking commissions. Their website is currently under development but the guys can be contacted via their Facebook page.Wishing them every success, if they can paint to this standard, they should do very well. Good luck.

Arthur van der Ster from the Netherlands sent in this "Workers House". Arthur being a real ACW enthusiast has added to this collection. I am looking forward to seeing his Shiloh Church if the quality of this paintjob is anything to go by. Models look so much better on a scenic base.

Steve Watkins from Disley in Cheshire sent in these pics of his (scratch built) Monte Cassino Abbey layout. He has enhanced the look with his Charlie Foxtrot Models pantile House 3 and Hermitage. I am so impressed with the 1st shot of the abbey under attack. Top quality work Steve, thanks for the images.

Another picture from Tim Simmonds  CFM collection..this time he has decked out the "Workshop" to be a bicycle repair shop..log store is also together I see. Things really do not look good for those paras!

Dai Eby from Sacramento USA sent in these pics via Facebook....the expertly applied snow effect really sets off his "Eastern Front Cabin." Great paintjob on both cabin and minis too!

Alec Duncan from Southampton has added to his Pantile collection with CFM Pantile Stables and Gate 1. The building on the right and walls are from another (unknown to me) manufacturer and blend in very well. Lovely weathering detail.

Phil Robinson from Cannock picked up a copy of "Ruined House 3" and some resin rubble piles at the WMMS. Amazed at the basework, wallpapering and paintjob..outstanding work. Cheers Phil looking forward to seeing you in March.


Paul Jones from Nuneaton sent in these beautifully painted Dads Army themed buildings. Paul had me adjust the signs from the "Hatter" to shops from Walmington on Sea. The Old Shed and Stables look the part too. Turning the roof 180 degrees also varies the skyline..great work!

Alec Duncan from Southampton sent me this brilliant picture. He has added his beautifully painted Charlie Foxtrot Models "Pantile Hermitage" to his existing collection of Hovells buildings. 

 Gustav Haug from Norway mailed in these pictures. This is a first for me posting a kit from another manufacturer. Gustav has taken the base kit can clad the roof using Charlie Foxtrot Models card tiles. Such a fine job needs to be shared. Take a close look at the miniatures, this guy can really paint. Not a Charlie Foxtrot kit..but exception made as all in all great eye candy. Thanks Gustav.

Galen Fiore from the States mailed me this picture. Charlie Foxtrot Models Ruined House 1 with Tabac in the background. I struggle with weathering making things look old / damaged as all my effort come out clean and crisp. Galen does not suffer with this....added gravel as rubble if i m not mistaken. great work! Galen has some great tips on his blog:

Richard Naylor from Chorley mailed in these pixctures of his Dux Britanniarum army resplendent on Charlie Foxtrot Models 25mm trays..looking very nice indeed!

The Eccentric Man @_Eccentric Man on Twitter posted this today. BLOWN AWAY! I really like the configuration with the walls and gate between the two buildings. I had not thought of that. Equally suitable for Napoleonics or in this case WWII scenarios. Top quality texturing & painting too.

Ed Bowen from the States kindly let me take this pic posted on Twitter Charlie Foxtrot Models Artillery bases populated with some great 28mm AWI cannons & crew...all for Sharp Practice.

Paul Jones from Nuneaton let me lift these pictures from Facebook. Paul had a custom made sign for his "Tabac" transformed into a chippy with back yard and outside w/c looks just the part for Operation Sealion games. Paul also intends to use this with "Secrets of the Third Reich"..looking forward to seeing his layout develop.

Adam Stone from Bruce in Astralia sent in this picture. Although inspired by the CFM paintjob, Adam has added his own stamp. The Dubonnet advert on the side looks so good. Adding period specific posters really does add to the realism of the era. Great work!

Palmer Clarkson from Canada reviewed the construction of his copy of the Tidewater Home earlier in the year. Here is the finished piece. It is really good to see a vastly different paint scheme, changing the look of the kit. Top quality work on the roof and brickwork and wonderful to see. The mounted chap gives some idea as to how large this kit is.

Jason Carey from New Zealand mailed this picture of his CFM Banque de France". His take on finishing the kit is really interesting. Painted exposed white parts with UNPAINTED sand glued on. This looks so much like "pebble dashing" it is a fantastic idea and so quick to do. I would recommend a clear varnish to seal the sand in place so it does not wear in use. Hats off to Jason real innovation is to be applauded!

Michael Lundstedt from Sweden sent me thsese pictures from a demonstration game. Great painting on Ruin House 2 & Farmhouse 2. Thatching has been added to thre Eastern Front Rural 1, 3 & 4..rural fences also by CFM. I enjoyed looking at this layout so much realism on the table...with nicely  troops too.


Steve Charlton from Leicester (I think) posted these pictures to Facebook. Far too good not to share here. Artillery trays for models on 1p Charlie Foxtrot surprise there. Wow....the more you look, the more detail you see...outstanding!

Keith Phillips from Crediton, Devon, shared this picture of his recently completed Napoleonic artillery section based on the "Over the Hills" movement tray (which he designed)...nice....very nice.

I have been following Tiny Hordes on Twitter @TinyHordes and was delighted to see this image posted. 2 x Table Edge Terrace..with a few modifications: damage, downpipes and mis-matching dormers...makes for a superb piece (good paint job also helps)

Adam Dews picked up this "Stone Shed" at Colours. I really like it when a new slant is put on a kit, the addition of basing material inside the shed and grass on the roof make it look derelict. Nice work Adam.

Phil Portway from Morden kindly shared these pictures. Sword and Spear in 28mm. Charlie Foxtrot Models measuring sticks, oasis and bases...and a whole load of well painted minis. A visual feast. 

Tim Simmons from Egham, posted this pic to me...Charlie Foxtrot Models Ruins 1 - 4 and the Banque de France. The painting looks really good but what is of note is the addition of wallpaper. Check the Ruin 3 front right took a while for me to recognise the model as a CFM kit.  Good work Tim, I really must get to finishing my ruins.

Andrew Firth from Lincoln posted this picture to Facebook and kindly gave permission for me to pinch. His Pantile Church has benefitted from a base plate, cardboard corner quoins and strips running along the side just under roof level. Combining thart with a quality paintjob, all looks great ( I really like the roadside shrine & fountain too....sadly not CFM kits but Grand Manner)

Paul Gouldsborough
from Rotherham, kindly let me "lift" the pictures of his recent battle....largely populated with ...Charlie Foxtrot Models Eastern Front buildings....looks like a really good game (also noce to see the Bolt Action Tokens in use too)

Good mate Steve Pierce from Plymouth, visited HQ last week, armed with paints. Together we painted his 6 model Eastern Front are a few pics of our efforts.

 Jonas Sahlberg from Huskvarna, Sweden has really gone to town with his Charlie Foxtrot Models Brasserie the superb paint job stands up to close scrutiny on zooming in! The minis have had a top quality job too..this guy can really paint. Thanks for sharing Jonas...I will have the Onion Soup, no3 on the menu. 

David & Kalissa Skibicki won a well deserved trophy with their Bolt Action Sicily table at Historicon USA. I am delighted to be a small part in the end of the road a village populated with Charlie Foxtrot Models Pantile kits. A sweeping panorama on a huge table..just check the roads between the buildings...brilliant.

Mark Elster (whom I mey at legionary in Exeter) has kit bashed some GW bits and enhanced the Low Loader and Tracked Haulier for his sci-fi layout. Gear to see these completed to such a high standard. This is a collection I need to expand, thanks for giving me a few ideas Mark.

Paul Gouldsborough from Rotherham kindly let me "pinch" these pictures from a recent Facebook posting. This really well presented and well populated rural Eastern Front themed layout caught my eye having mainly Charlie Foxtrot Models in play. It is also good to see the acrylic token set in use. Thanks Paul (I do have pig envy, his are far better painted than mine). 

George Anderson from Warton, Carnforth has mailed in these superb diorama / gaming pieces...Farmhouse by Charlie Foxtrot Models..the rest scratch built...awesome

Michal Pokorny from Czech Republic mailed me this on my birthday with greetings. Sure beats a card! I still get humbled by the kindness of fellow modellers who spend both cash & time on my kits.

Richard Durnford from Bristol has done a good job on the minefields..this picture was witheld until today as he wanted to surprise his opponent in a game over the weekend! I would like to have posted a pic of his face too. 6" x 6" square minefiled sections can be bought or come "free" in certain Bolt Action scenarios. 

Shane Gregory from Bristol mailed me these eye-candy pics. I am delighted to have played even a minor part in these Kings of war diorama multi-bases. I made the trays, Shane created works of art. Fab.

Steve Webb from Bristol mailed in pictures of this awesome layout. Hard to believe these are the 20mm versions. Roof tiles, back yards, scenic walls and hedges really sets the Charlie Foxtrot Models off; a showcase piece! thanks Steve.

John Quaife from Southampton, has done a fine job basing his Napoleonic British on 1p coins and using the recently released 1p movement trays. John has decorated the 1p sized MDF circles (that come with the trays) and used them as "blanks" to fill in gaps for light infantry or perhaps casualties. The command tray looks outstanding. Thanks John.

Richard Durnford from Bristol sent in these pictures of the "Water Feature". I had this set of Airfix French Napoleonics in 1/35th scale as a child. Richard has given this vintage model a fresh paint job and it looks great standing above the koi pond with aquatic plants. The "Water Feature" looks great on a Cigar Box cobbled street battlemat. Take a close look at the tiles around the pond...all done with a spray can I am told......this I must try.
Arthur van der Ster from the Netherlands mailed me these pictures of his "Tidewater Home" with a customised tiled roof, based and fully "planted" and topped with a great paint job...NICE. Arthur is an editor for the ACW Gamer Ezine which is brimming with interesting articles and modelling eye-candy well worth a subscription if ACW is your period.
Tym Corbett let me take a  quick picture of his  "Long Dial Counter"  when I met him at the WMMS at the weekend. The downed cavalryman and horse by Perry Miniatures.
Matt Owens-Smith is campaigning Normandy 1944. I am so pleased to see my mate using Charlie Foxtrot Models in his layout. Details of his expliots can be followed on
Michal Pokorny from Benesov in the Czech Republic has delivered the goods again. More work on his "Eastern Front" collection. This time, Rural House 1 and Rural House 4. Both kits have had additional roof detail added. Again, top quality conversion work. More of Michal's modelling & painting can be viewed in the Blog on this site. Michal has kindly provided English subtitles to a few videos he has made. I really am lost for words. Thanks Michal.
Marc Coupland from Exeter has completed the first two of his Charlie Foxtrot Models collection. Eastern Front "Rural 2" and "Ruined House 2". Marc makes his stamp on the models by applying a really nice paint job and the addition of snow and a garden with rubble pile. The weathering on the roof tops is top quality work..thanks Marc. 

Michal Pokorny from Benesov in the Czech Republic sent these in through my Facebook Page. "Eastern Front Rural House 2" has had a make over. Michal has added, card roof tiles, a new handrail, logs under the stairs and my favourite customised bit: smoke from the chimney. This top quality conversion has benefitted from a great paintjob too. This kit is just one of a collection of Charlie Foxtrot Models owned by Michal. I hope to post pictures when his table is complete...a real piece of eye candy, it the first model is anything to go by. Thanks Michal.

News Update: Michal has done a video on this kit and it can be viewd in the Blog!

Ron Kruzie from Seattle USA sent in this picture collection. is the attention to detail that make this table fantastic..the more you look the more you see. Truly outstanding. Charlie Foxtrot Models throughout...the bar is getting higher.
Patch Guilfoyle - Coombes ran a demo game called "Muzzle Flash" produced by Grenzer Games at a recent show. Patch kindly let me "lift" a few choice pictures from his coverage.....if I am not mistaken, all buildings are by on a Cigar Box mat (if identifiied correctly) with Patch's paintjob they look fantastic. For more info on the game please visit
 James from Gloucestershire has done a very nice job on his "Pond 1" the addition of ducks is a very nice touch. Note the wake painted on make the ducks look very animated. Real depth has been achieved in the water quality work James. 


Keith Phillips from Devon was chatting with me on e-mail and attched this picture of a recent game of Bolt Action. Keith's impressive table has no less than nine Charlie Foxtrot Models.

Stewart Watt from New Alresford in Hampshire (I cannot believe we go back 27 years) sent me these pics via Facebook. They are from a recent game where, I am glad to see, Charlie Foxtrot Models "Stone Walls" are providing cover for his 28mm Russians. This is the first painted set I have happy they came out well. Cheers mate.


Steve Webb from Bristol sent in these really nice "Tabac" pictures. It is hard to tell these are the 20mm versions of the build. Good to see the textured wall and tiled roof bringing the kit to life. Thanks Steve, I would like to post more of your colelction in due course.


Nick Hawkins from Willingham Cambridgeshire sent in these really inspiring pictures of his Sharp Practise II Flintloque army. The layout comprises of Charlie Foxtrot Models Rural buildings 1 to 4 and post & rail fences (in picture 1). Razed 1 & 2 are looking very effective in picture 2. I really should work on my  weathering, these chimney stacks look so much better than mine. Good work Nick, thanks for posting.
Scott Lines from Purbeck in Dorset, mailed me these images of his Eastern Front Church. Scott has taken the trouble of cladding the model with coffee stirrer planks and using waney edge cardboard to plank the roof. Both treatments have been applied and painted with great skill. The wood effect of the walls looks so real. Great work Scott. It is always good to see what other people can do with my design work, once their own stamp of creativity is applied.
Jon Birt from Springfield Queensland Australia sent me this image. What a fantastic gaming table. The view from the Charlie Foxtort Models "Stone Barn" must be something to behold.  The road is so realistic, following the curve of the table, that Sherman advancing down is looks spot on. I look forward to seeing more of Jon's battleboards sometime soon.
George Anderson from Warton, Carnforth posted this on Facebook. Unashamedely pinched for the gallery (hope you do not mind George) The Charlie Foxtrot Models collection in this setting looks so much better. It would be a pleasure to play on this table.
Jon Birt from Springfield Queensland Australia has sent in this image of the "Stone Barn" (with the majority of painting done by Dervan Wargaming).Note the emphasis on the brickwork surrounding the doors and windows...such a different effect from my example in the store. Thanks Jon.
Mike Williams from Kendal shared an image of his Kings of War latest regiment. The Charlie Foxtrot Models multi base has been expertly populated with a visual feast. Much better than looking at a blank rectangle of MDF on the webstore and a great excuse to post such fine work. Cheers can follow his work on Twitter .@CthulhuPunk 
George Anderson from Warton, Carnforth, is such a prolific painter (top quality too) of both miniatures and Charlie Foxtrot Models buildings. Here George has put "Walled Tile 2" "Dormer House 2" and "Workshop" to good use. You can follow his progress and exploits on his blog:
Nick Hawkins from Willingham ordered some custom made "risers" to make the post & rail fences and picket fences just a bit taller. Looking good on the table and in use.  Nick is using Flintloque Elves for Sharp Practise. I hope to see the Eastern front Rural Houses to the right of the shot soon!

Pat Smith from Ongar in Essex kindly gave permission for me to use these pictures. Pat has so much eye candy on his blog:

It is well worth a visit....I am at a loss for words.

Koen Smeele ftom the Netherlands shared this picture of his Ratkin themed Kings of War "Double Dials". Very nicely done they are too. Koen is now worknig on a second set for his Abyssals, fingers crossed he posts pictures to me when the are finished.
Steve Pearce my good mate from Plymouth put on a Seven Years War demonstration game at Exeter Legionary. Using custom made movement trays from Charlie Foxtrot Models, Steve  took on John Soper in a very well populated table of really nicely painted figures. Hard to believe they are 15mm.
Graham Cookson from Exeter, is becoming a regular in this gallery. I took these pictures of his superb Dad's Army demo game at Legionary last weekend. So much detail each time you look more emerges. Once again great stuff Graham and such a contrast to last years resplendant Wars of The Roses table.
John Francis from Newark forwarded this collection of pictures from his demostration game at Salute. So good, I am sorry I missed it this year. I was pleased to hear that quite a few spectators recognised the Charlie Foxtrot Models. I still get a buzz knowing people are taking the time to assemble, paint and enjoy gaming with my designs..I am humbled. Thanks John...

George Anderson from Warton, Carnforth, is I believe  a recent player of Bolt Action. I have been following the progress of his Brits on his blog and Facebbok. Here they are in action amongst George's Charlie Foxtrot Models collection. Hard to believe that they are his first attempt at buildings. In at the deep end tiling the roofs too! Awesome.

Ceri Still from Queensland Australia kindly sent me these pictures of his dark ages army. Dial counters and the prone bases used for the cavalry. After all the camouflage I have been seeing recently these well chosen and applied vibrant colours make a refreshing change. The cavalry prone bases will be available separately in the webstore soon. 
Poul Secher from Denmark (who I had the pleasure to meet at Salute 2015) sent in these "3 Storey House" pictures. Like John Francis pictured  below, the roof has benefitted from expert card tiling. Take note also of the render on the walls. Both modellers appear to have used a smooth polyfilla type covering to a great effect. This has been weathered to complete the aged look. Thanks Poul. 

John Francis from Newark has been assembling quite a Charlie Foxtrot Models collection. Knowing my kits inside out, is has been a pleasure to spot all of the customising that John has skillfully applied. The back yards, entrance gateways, rendered walls, signs...even the bathroom sink. TOP QUALITY work John.
Ben Rolls has a number of Charlie Foxtrot Models buildings and this is his latest finished piece. "Dormer House 2" complete with interior decoration. Looks great on the table Ben.
Graham Cookson is working towards a large Dad's Army demo game at Exeter Legionary (30th April) and stressed to me this is work in progress. (Really??WIP!!! it looks awesome!) I had to look closely as his custom signs and brick wallpapered walls as they really disguise the buildings collection. Quality work Graham, I am looking forward to seeing this once complete. Thanks for sharing.You can see more of Graham's work by scrolling through this gallery.
Luke Fellows recently ordered lots of 3mm Kings of War multi-bases from Charlie Foxtrot Models: look at what he has done with them....(just an excuse on my part to put some well-painted coulourful fantasy eye-candy in the gallery) Cheers Luke. (I love the giant)
Nick Gillett (from Lichfield UK) has once again done a superb job! This time he has tackled the "Stables" & "L'Epicerie" and added back gardens, fences, a yard and "kit bashed" a "Tabac" chimney if I am not mistaken. Top attention to detail. Nick is currently working on some Charlie Foxtrot Models in 20mm scale. I look forward to posting pictures of them as they become available. Thanks Nick.
Shane Malia has a previous entry in this gallery and I recently recieved some more pictures of his "Aggro" table completed to his very high standard. Shane has scratch built a great deal and commissioned Charlie Foxtrot Models for the signs & some brickwork. Concept, construction and painting all by Shane. I did the easy bit!

Darwin Yuen from Canada has painted the 20mm Brasserie so well, I initially thought it was the 28mm version. Top quality Canadian troops too.

The inspirational pictures above were provided by Rick Schuldt from the States. This guy can REALLY paint. Makes me want to do a winter themed army now. Magnificent, I wish I could weather my buildings

like this.


Brian Collins from Plymouth has been working frantically to get his table ready for the Warfare wargames show in Reading. What an impressive site it was his attention to detail was breathtaking. The closer I looked the more I saw. Clearly the many hours spent on the project paid off. I feel honoured to have this quality of modelling and painting in my gallery. Thanks are you going to follow this up for next year?
John Randall from High Wycombe, spurred on by his initial success has completed 3 Eastern Front buildings over one weekend. The "Rural House 1" & "Cabin" have been completed to a very high standard. Looking very closely, I would say the woodgrain roof is even better than his "Hunter's Lodge". Top quality work John. 
John Randall from High Wycombe sent in pictures of his "Hunter's Lodge" from the Eastern Front range. This is John's first attempt at making and painting a building. By following the tutorial on my blog, I think he has got the wood effect spot on. Sterling job for a 1st attempt......I am now looking forward to seeing pictures of the other two in his collection. 
Keith Phillips from Devon sent in a couple of pictures of "Farmhouse 2" and "post & rail fences" in 28mm scale. As I was erasing the background walls of his man cave, I noticed that the picture was a bit "grainy" so flicked a greyscale button to get an "in period" b/w shot. Keith has also shown the model with some of his Perry Miniatures Dragoons, showing the versatility of this kit. The weathering is very nicely done Keith..thank you.
Nick Gillett (from Lichfield UK) has fully populated a table with Charlie Foxtrot Models. A superb job has been done on them too. Particular points that really interest me are the extra embellishments that put a personal stamp on the models. Nick has based and put garden hedges around, added pavements and a road. Highlight model for me is the "Porch House" 1st picture top right. Here Nick has disguised the join where the model comes apart by painting in a two tone scheme....brilliant. Thanks for sending in the eye candy, Nick.
Whitman Bottiger from USA has been really innovative with his take on the Kings of War "Double Dial Counters" stat line, special rules, points cost and damage all in one. He has printed self-adhesive stickers designed to fit on the "Double Dial Counters" to great effect. Kow is fast play anyway, for Whitman, all he needs is in one place. We wargamers are an inventive breed.
Brian Collins from Plymouth, recently came to visit me here at Charlie Foxtrot Models HQ. Coffee, chat and a photo opportunity! Brian is an accomplished veteran gamer and modeller and is affiliated to Battlegroup South (the chaps who put on the excellent Bovington show). Brian has put his own stamp on his Charlie Foxtort models by adding bamboo skewer downpipes fixed with tomato puree tube metal sheet trimmed to make brackets. "Ruin 2" has also had some additions in the form of extra roofing and internal foamcore walls and a staircase. Whilst here, we cut panelling and a dado rail for the internal walls of L'Epicerie! Good times, good company and great work.
Geoff Coe sent me these pictures of his Eastern Front "Rural House 3". Geff has been working on a huge layout of Eastern European buildings which is growing week by week. I particularly like the aged paintwork on this model (still WIP yet looking so good I thought I would post ) thanks Geoff.
Tom Gilliland from USA bought the first copy of L'Ecole (recently reviewed in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 80). I feel certain that Tom is a  graduate of Hogworts...this is magical! Thanks for sending the pictures to me Tom.
Rick Schuldt (founder of Scenic Effects USA) attended Pacificon convention in California with a table populated with Charlie Foxtrot Models. Looking at Rick's past work, I am not at all surprised that he has done such a good job with the buildings. Thanks for posting the pictures to me Rick. (Apologies the images are so small)
Geoff Coe is the first off the mark in submitting a picture of one of his completed "Hunter's Lodge" (Geoff has 3). Geoff has been the inspiration behind the wooden style Eastern European / Russian collection. Thanks for the extensive research pictures! Geoff has made a couple of creative additions to the basic kit and "planked the roof" and mounted the model on a scenic round base. The wood grain has come out really well too. I am looking forward to seeing Geoff's layout as he is working on a major project. Geoff, as they happen, please post in more pictures as your table grows.
Daniel Pidge contacted me recently, asking for some custom made pieces. Here is the 6" x 6" Minefield base with additional post holes. Daniel sent me a picture of one of the finished models via my facebook page. The snow setting makes the tanglewire somehow look more stark and threatening. This piece is part of Dan's winter war bolt action Finnish defences. Simple yet very effective...great idea you nailed it!
Graham Cookson is expertly working his way through his Charlie Foxtrot Models village; his latest finished pieces are presented to the high standard you can expect from him. Here we have " L'Epicerie", transformed with a custom made CFM sign and brick downloaded wallpaper. Very effective and no doubt hours of time saved. The second completed building in this batch is his "Boulangerie" as Walminton on Sea's greengrocers. Graham has more pictures of his models on his blok. Plenty of eye candy there..just right click this link
Shane Malia has transformed my "Tabac" model into something beyond my painting scenery skills. Starting with a custom made Charlie Foxtrot Models Fish 'N' Chips sign, Shane has added guttering, a drain pipe, hinges to the back gate, litter, brick mortar...graffitti......bin bags...LOST FOR WORDS (which is quite unusual for me). Hope to see more of Shane's work soon, he is making a football terrace / ground for the AGGRO game with a little bit of Charlie Foxtrot Models custom made brickwork and a whole lot of imagination and skill. I am experiencing brickwork envy.....
Ralph Ashdown's village is growing into something special. Having 2 "Table Edge Terraces" and the Terrace with front and back yards makes it look really built up. The more you look at the pictures, the more details emerge. Looking forward to seing your take on the newly released " Banque De France". Ralph thanks for sharing.
Graham Cookson is on a roll check out his latest! part of a whole Dad's Army layout...hopefully more eye candy to come.
Graham Cookson kindly allowed me to copy these pictures from his blog (see the links page for details). Graham invested in a large number of Charlie Foxtrot Models at Exeter Legionary in May this year. This is the first completed model, imaginatively titled by me as; "Three Storey House". This kit could be used from Napoleonics, through WWII to modern day. I am really looking forward to seeing how Graham progresses through his buildings collection over the coming months if this is the standard they will be produced to. Top quality paint job Graham!
 Keith Phillips has been busy again; the minefields are his second set of pictures in the gallery. The very convincing smoke markers were made by Keith using 3" & 4" Charlie Foxtrot Models round bases. The fenced field is also looking good, so much better marking the perimeter and having a linear object to cross. A set of allied mainfield markers are also included in the kit!


I think you will agree, Brendon Dolan: ( reiver-1 on E Bay did the commission work, picture supplied by Peter Simpson) has done a superb job on his V1 Launch Ramp and Tamiya V1 quality work!

Dave Rose whom I believe to be one of the jolly decent chaps who partakes in a little bit of  "A Very British Civil War" sent in this picture. I really like how the stone barn and 3 storey house have been painted to match. Nice work Dave, looking forward to seeing more in due course.
Justin Davies sent in these pictures, the intact house, stone shed and old shed. Neat idea to use the extra door as a garden gate. Great combination of colour using different coloured shutters and window frames. Something I had not considered before. It is unfortunate there is no zoom facility with the customer gallery..the old shed has some awesome highlights.
Keith Phillips bought a few models from the Charlie Foxtrot Stand at Legionary in Exeter. He has done a fine job on the "Farmhouse 2" and claims it is "nearly finished". Looking at the superb weathering on the Brit universal carrier, my expectations are high! Good work Keith, looking forward to seeing more pictures soon. How about some with your Germans in front!
More of Ted Martin's seascape