The following list are links to websites I read and follow. Websites that interest and influence me or those I have discovered while surfing the web. The contributors may be friends, business associates, customers or people I have yet to meet. Websites are in no particular order and will no doubt evolve as my gaming interests develop.


Luke Fellows: I have been following Luke Fellows articles on many Facebook forums and his You Tube Channel. Luke is an accomplished painted and modeller and has cut so much of the cost of modelling with his own take on hobby economy products. 

Luke also runs a painting Service and can be contacted on:

 George Anderson, I met at a War & Conquest tournament at Wargames Foundry. I had the pleasure of sitting opposite the table to George during the evening's "refreshments". A really genuine nice guy who is a keen painter, gamer and is a part-pime war cartographer with his work appearing in many military publications. George also runs a very informative and entertaining blog.

 Ron Carnegie from Virginia  is involved with a wide range of wargaming periods and scales. His blog is informative, detailed and makes for a really good read. I became aware of Ron's blog after he bought some models from me on EBay, before my webstore was launched and have been following him since.

 Graham Cookson, an avid collector, painter, gamer and modeller has a good blog which covers both of my closest shows: Plymouth & Exeter. The show commentory is only a small part of the interesting, varied and detailed blog. Well worth a visit: I am assured that Graham will be blogging about his collection of Charlie Foxtrot Models buildings in readiness for a display game next Legionary show. If the War of the Roses table Graham laid out and gamed on this year is anything to go by (see my blog picture of this) the Dad's army themed scenario should be a real treat.

 Good friend of mine and excellent painter is Kevin Shilito. Kev has been a close mate and gaming opponent for over 20 years. He paints miniatures professionally to a high standard. I am unsure if I should thank or blame Kev for me getting into a variety of games and spending my money on a too many projects over the years. Kevin bartered for a number of prototype buildings from me when I first started and did a superb job. He is prepared to paint Charlie Foxtrot Models for you too! Check his site or mail him for a quote. As I see kev on a regular basis, I can pass on models you have bought from me for him to paint and post to you.

I Met Matt Smith at a War & Conquest tournament. I was fortunate enough to loan an army from Rob Broom the author and I came second! (Thanks for writing such a good army list Rob). Matt is a keen gamer and it is a pleasure to sit opposite the wargames the table from him. His painting is of such a high standard. Matt has invested in a collection of my models and have blogged about them a few times. Very worth  a visit as every time I log on there is more eye candy to see. Keep up the good work chap.

 As I like War & Conquest so much, I really should give Rob Broom a mention. He is a veteran on the wargaming scene and presented me with "Best Painted Army" two years in a row with the Warhammer Players Society annual bash in Birmingham. Those were the days!

In War & Conquest, Rob has produced a set of rules that are great fun to play. The rules are not too complex so you are not "nose in book" every five minutes and you can see that this is a natural improvement / progression to WAB. Strategic intervention points adds a whole new level of thought to this game. The other bit I really like is the 500+ free downloadable army lists. I am so glad I do not have to fork out £30+ for a list that will be out of date in 4 years! Rob also produces his own figure range, the WW1 models are of particular note and are very impressive on the table. I see also he has a new range of WWII in 1/48 quality sculpts and castings too!

 Duncan Willis was a neighbour of mine some 25 years ago when I lived in Southampton. He is the kind of mate who after years apart we just pick up where we left off. Although he works in a different field to me I admire his work in replicating top quality Gerry Anderson puppets. Duncan has commissioned me to laser cut chairs to his specifications for his puppets. He in turn is casting my resin rubble piles. I also have his agreement to cast other elements to further enhance my kits! If Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet are your thing, just check out the studio quality puppets he makes.

 Ralph Ashdown from Somerset came to PAW in February 2015 where he bought some Charlie Foxtrot Models at my first trade stand. He then paid a visit to me here at the Charlie Foxtrot Models workshop and increased his collection. It was only after that I discovered his blog where, like most of us, he is working through far too many projects at once his blog is so aptly titled. Ralph has posted a variety of scales, periods and manufacturers work, the blog is well worth a visit.The Fallshirmjager are superb. Ralph, next visit bring some toys along to shove around the table.....