New Releases: "Movement tray for 20mm bases" (Oathmark size) May 8, 2020 07:05

Three new movement trays have been released to add to the existing Oathmark sized trays. Trays now include 5, 10, 15 and 20 man together with a 3 monster version. The standard infantry trays are to convert minis based on 20mm to take a 5 wide frontage of 25mm bases models i.e.125mm

The 3 x Monster tray is designed to convert minis based on 40mm squares to a 3 model frontage of minis based on 50mm squares i.e. 150mm


New releases: 25mm movement trays "10 Man Loose Order" & "6 Horse" May 1, 2020 20:20

Apologies for drip feeding  new releases the website is very busy and time to upload is being taken cutting, packing and wrapping to meet orders. 

This weeks sees the release of 2 "10 Man Loose Order" trays for the much anticipated forthcoming "Infamy Infamy" by Too Fat Lardies, together with a 6 Horse tray for horses based on 50mm x 25mm pill shapes. 

Further trays for Oathmark have been drawn and await uploading to the website: 5 Man and 15 Man (to convert minis on 20mm to 5 x 25mm frontage and a 3 x Monster tray (to convert minis on 40mm bases to 3 x 50mm frontage. 

Price increase coming soon April 24, 2020 11:18

Pantile restock. I have just restocked the website with a large number of pantile kits (more to follow next week). The resin order came with a 5% price increase. I will hold the list prices until 1st June 2020 then adjust the website to reflect the increasing cost of resin and latex moulds.

UK Royal Mail put their prices up at the end of March. With the heavy reliance on post and no shows for people to buy direct, I am holding back on the price rise and will review on 1st of June.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


New Releases: Brasserie Front Yard, Movement Trays & Oval Bases April 11, 2020 09:07

If you have arrived at this blog looking for details of the Covid-19 Painting Competition, please scroll down through this post.

Being one of the most popular models in the WW2 Europe collection, the Brasserie has now a front yard / seating area. The back yard has been out a few years and can be made up to fit the terrace or go with the front yard and be a "stand alone" set up. 

Movement trays for the newly released "Oathmark" (design concept by Paul Buller) have slots to convert your old minis on 20mm bases to a 25mm multiple frontage. Indents are marked out every 25mm. 

The much anticipated  Too Fat Lardies game "Infamy Infamy" has 4 trays for the barbarian tribesmen types and have the same frontage as the very popular "8 man movement tray" and is drawn for minis based on 1p coins. 

I have had a number of  requests for oval 50mm x 100mm bases and have now made them available in-store. Other sizes will follow if there is a demand. 


Open Competition Time March 25, 2020 09:53


To keep folks busy during this difficult social distancing time; I am launching an open modelling / painting competition from today up to and including 25th April 2020

Competition rules:

All entrants must mail me a picture of a recently purchased Charlie Foxtrot Models kit or a "Work In Progress" picture. This is to prevent "old completed" kits being entered. The aim is to provide images of work completed over the next month. Initial images are to be mailed to me by April 15th.

Pictures of completed kits (max 3 pictures please) to be mailed in of your model by close of business on April 25th. This allows people time to purchase a kit, get it in the post and still enter. Not all entrants will have a Charlie Foxtrot Models MDF pile. 

I will shortlist entries and put the final decision out on a Facebook poll to avoid any bias as many customers I consider friends. 

Entries should be from the Charlie Foxtrot Models collection of kits. Enhancements such as: using texture, resin or metal components, scratch built additions, printed paper etc are allowed and are encouraged. 

The winning entry (as decided by my Facebook poll) will receive a Charlie Foxtrot Models gift voucher to the value of £35.00 no cash alternative will be offered.  

Entry assumes that you give me permission to post any images on social media and in the customer gallery. 

Clear the table, grab the glue and get working!


New Release: Box Liner trays March 24, 2020 10:02

New releases to add to the existing collection of Really Useful Box liner trays include one with 25mm holes and holes for leaders (based on 40mm discs) and one for mounted miniatures. The trays will fit in UK 4 litre Really useful Boxes or the deeper 9 litre Really Useful Boxes which have the same footprint.

Horse 25mm x 50mm pill shaped bases with 4mm magnet holes are also now available on this site. 



New Release: 28mm 1/56 New World "Farmhouse" February 26, 2020 10:46

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will know that my latest project is wargaming (Sharp practice)  the American Civil War (AWI to follow).

My research uncovered this building which was originally made with heavy baulks of timber and what looks like a clay filler between the wood. With the multiple canopied doors and windows, the building has a really interesting silhouette.

Suitable for French Indian Wars, American War of Independence and Civil War. 

To get the heavy wood timber effect, the kit comes with pre-cut and engraved cardboard cladding sheets cut to simply glue in place.

Model shown here with Wargames Foundry Zouaves and Charlie Foxtrot Models "Picket Fences".

Hammerhead Show Nottingham February 21, 2020 06:57

I am so pleased to be trading at Hammerhead on 14th March this year. 

After 2 years on a waiting list, there has been a cancellation giving me an opportunity to trade in Nottingham, the weekend after the West Midlands Military Show in Wolverhampton.  

The addition to the New World collection will be complete and released before the shows with just instructions and packaging to be drawn. 

PAW 2020 February 2, 2020 20:56

Plymouth Association of Wargamers (PAW) show was a great success. After a hectic week of catch up following laser repairs all went well.

Good chum Bill Jennings (ably assited by his son James) took the  "Best Demonstration Game" trophy with his Sharp Practice Russian table. The table was populated with Charlie Foxtrot Models buildings, really nice scratch built trees and earthworks.

Well done Bill!

Next show will be West Midland military Show in Alumwell, Wolverhampton on 8th March.


Notice: Business as usual. January 27, 2020 15:37

After a fraught few days with both lasers down and out of action; today the repair guy fixed both and I am back in business. 

The oldest order is just a few days old. 

I am delighted to say that I am making inroads into orders that were placed while I had technical issues and I will be up to date and restocked by PAW, the wargames show in Plymouth this weekend. 




Notice: Temporary disruption to service! January 23, 2020 16:31

Notice of temporary disruption to service:

I pride myself on getting orders out as quickly as possible and post twice a week.

This may suffer a bit as on 13th Jan one of my lasers developed a fault. I mail ordered a spare part which did not resolve the issue.

There has been no adverse effect on the business until now as I run two lasers.

This morning my back-up laser has developed a fault and I am unable to make any fresh kits until the engineer arrives to fix both machines.

Stock levels are fair/ good however movement trays are cut to order and cannot be cut in the short term. If in doubt, please can you email me at and I can check before you place an order. 

As soon as this situation is resolved: I will post again. An engineer is due to visit the workshop on Monday or Tuesday ( Now confirmed Monday 27th Jan) so this may be resolved very quickly. 

Thankfully all orders are up to date and pre-orders for Penarth this weekend are already on the van.

Stocks for Plymouth PAW on 1st / 2nd may be limited and I would recommend a preorder to avoid disappointment.

Colin (currently in melt down mode) ...on the bright side, I will get some design time in.

ROBIN Nottingham show cancelled! December 15, 2019 16:57

It is with regret that I need to advise you that the "Red on Blue in Nottingham" show ROBIN has been cancelled for 2020

Looks like Charlie Foxtrot Models will need to wait a while longer before I can get into a Nottingham based show.

I am sorry to disappoint any people who had planned to attend.