New Release: 28mm 1:56 New World "Dairy" May 20, 2017 11:31

Often built close to the "Smokehouse" and "Kitchen" the New World "Dairy" is the 3rd building released this week to compliment and support the "Tidewater Home". Features include a high grill on 1/2 of the building to allow the release of warm air and a wide, overhanging roof to shade the whitewashed walls.

Suitable for FIW , AWI & ACW and now available instore.

Thanks again to Ron Carnegie for taking the inspirational pictures.

New Release: 28mm 1:56 New World "Smokehouse" May 19, 2017 11:07

The New World "Smokehouse" has just been released, being the 2nd of 3 more supporting buildings to compliment the "Tidewater Home".

As yesterday's release the New World "Covered Well"; my  thanks goes to Ron Carnegie for supplying the inspirational pictures and background for the buildings.

Suitable for French - Indian Wars, American War of Independence and American Civil War settings. The "Smokehouse" is a line of sight blocker as it has no windows (to keep smoke in). The roof does come off to place troops inside to either sut up an ambush or hide! Cardboard tile strips are included in the kit to texture the roof. 

New Release: 28mm 1:56 New World "Covered Well" May 18, 2017 11:54

Based on photos taken by Ron Carnegie pictured below right (thanks again Ron); the first of three new supporting buildings for the New World collection is now available instore. The other two will follow in close successon.

The "Covered Well" has cut out lattice work and cardboard tile strips included in the kit to texture the roof. 

Suitable for French Indian Wars, American War of Independence and American Civil war settings.

New Release "120 Degree Arc of Fire Template" May 04, 2017 20:02

Responding to a customer request for a 120 degree template (thanks Richard Durnford) I have adapted the 90 degree template. This template has a centre line to line up the barrell with 45 degree and 60 degree marks making both 90 degree and 120 degree arcs.

Cut in 3mm light emitting acrylic this template may suit a variety of games like Chain of Command.

Two versions are available for "Little CoC" players with 15 or 20mm minis.


Tutorial: "Preparing & Painting the Pantile Granary" April 27, 2017 11:55

The 6th building in the Pantile range the "Pantile Granary" was approached in a slightly different way to the other models in the collection. Here I will run through step by step how I achieved the finished effect.

The basic structure is simple to construct (and full instructions are encosed with each kit). The picture above shows the resin parts and unpainted MDF components glued together. Note, I left the door off the main building in order to paint it separately.

I used a file and glasspaper to lightly smooth the flat "mushroom"  undersides and, after washing with a detergent (washing up liquid), I turned the "mushroom caps" flat side up and glued on the "stalks" I used superglue and took care to fix them in the centre of the cap. Once dry, I superglued the mushrooms to the 2mm base keeping in the engraved lines.

Using quick dry polyfilla and sand, I textured the steps. For more details on this, please see my "Prepping the Pantile House 1 Tutorial". Next, I placed a small ball of greenstuff onto each mushroom and dabbed water on them. I placed the main building on top to "bed in" and avaid any gaps when gluing the building to the mushrooms. I applied water to the greenstuff to prevent it sticking to the underside of the building.

I wanted to get a slight rough texture and decided to use a texture spray. This was lightly applied to the outside of the main building. I have been advised that spraying varnish or primer from a distance achieves a similar effect.

I used sand to apply texture to the base, leaving an area for some metal goats. I then spray primed the base sub assembly ready for painting.

Using an old, large brush I painted on "Honey Brown" acrylic.

This was followed by Honey Brown & Tan in a 50/50 mix then pure Tan.

A final light drybrush of Bleached Sand...

 ...was followed by a wash with GW Agrax Earthshad to bring out the joints in the stonework and define individual pieces.

The base was painted in various brown and tan shades and lightly drybrushed Bleached Sand. The roof and door were painted following my previous tutorial.

The base decoration (in this case goats) were painted and glued in place. I filled the gaps with sand and painted to blend in with the majority of the earth. Grass tufts were applied before the main structure was superglued to the base.

The completed model....






New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Pantile Granary" April 27, 2017 11:39

The 6th model in the collection, the "Pantile Granary" (horreo in Spanish) is now available in store. As other models in the range; the horreo can be used in Peninsular War, pirate or wild west Mexican type settings.

The kit is MDF with resin roof and resin supporting pillars (pegollo). The model comes with a base with engraved squares giving the exact location for the pegollo. The freestanding stairs with the "rodent gap" can be assembled in seconds. 

This kit provides a number of tactical considerations, with the many open slots, whole units can fire out! Being raised up, troops on foot can have line of sight and even move underneath the building. The stairs will block line of sight and provide hard cover.

Being a gamer, I could see the religious symbols and urns (adornos) getting broken off in play so one was cut on the front to retain the "flavour" of the piece.  


New Releases: 20mm 1:72 "The Terrace" "Back & Front Yard Set" and "W/C's" April 04, 2017 08:24

Responding to a number of requests from 20mm gamers, I am pleased to release "The Terrace" in 20mm along with the accompanying front and back yards with outside w/c's.

When compared to the 28mm version there are some new details added and some adjustment of the design to make the kits "work" at the smaller scale. 

The Terrace is available as a single kit, the front & back yards with 3 x W/C's as a set. The outside W/C's are also listed in a set of 3 (each with a different door).

New Release: Artillery Trays March 31, 2017 20:01

The artillery trays were designed by Keith Phillips for "Over the Hills" Napoleonic game and made up as a commission. I liked the idea so much I thought I would add this to the store.

160mm frontage artillery trays with either 2 or 3 removable bases. Use on the tray for "Over the Hills" or remove and use off the tray for games like Black Powder or Sharp Practise.


Guest Video: Eastern Front "Cabin, Log Store & Tool Shed" March 14, 2017 20:05

 Michal Pokorny from Czech Republic features 3 of the Charlie Foxtrot Models smaller kits from the Eastern Front collection. Applying his modelling conversion skills yet again!

New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Pantile Church" March 10, 2017 09:45

The fifth model in the Pantile range is soon to be available instore.

Inspired by the episode "Sharpe's Rifles", photographs taken by Carlos Elias Llop from Barcelona.( I have admired Carlos' modelling on Facebook and followed his work for some time, he is a real craftsman / perfectionist) and a whole lot of Google imagery, the "Pantile Church" is crammed with detail.

A multi-layered grand doorway is topped by a layered "roseton" window and above that a metal bell hangs in the "ermita"

To make the kit more of a gaming piece, a mezanine floor has been added to allow models to "fire" out of the rosette window. A narrow roof (accessed via trapdoor) has been added so a sharpshooter / sniper can be placed behind hard cover. Four models mounted on 2p coins can be placed on the roofspace to snipe at troops below.




Guest Video: New World "Tidewater Home" March 02, 2017 23:01

 Palmer Clarkson from Canada has kindly put together a review of the "Tidewater Home"...I am really pleased with his comments..Thanks Palmer.

Guest Video "Eastern Front Rural House 1" March 01, 2017 21:39

 Michal Pokorny from Czech Republic turns his attention to the Rural House 1. Michal has applied so much more to the standard issue waney edged "planking" that comes with the kit, lifting it to a new level. Outstanding work!.