Storage Tray ( Box liner for 104 Models ) On 1p


Please note the "Really Useful Box & magnets are not included"

PLEASE NOTE Customers in the US: There is a 4 litre "US Really Useful Box" which is slightly smaller in size than the UK A4 size. Please check the boxes you have prior to ordering. 

The storage tray has been designed to store and transport skirmish armies on circular bases. Suitable for storing your Bolt Action, Sharp Practice or Saga collections.

Designed to for UK 1p coin "bases" this tray fits a 4 litre "Really Useful Box".

The tray / box liner comes with a 2mm base layer with recesses cut to accept readily available 4mm diameter, 2mm thick, rare earth magnets.(Just fix with a dab of superglue once in place).

The 2mm top layer has holes cut in to accept a 1p coin. The holes are 20.6mm to allow a coat of paint on the 1p coin. 

Approximate dimensions:

Width: 339mm

Length: 209mm

Thickness: (once you have glued the 2 parts together using PVA) 4mm

Capacity: 104 1p based models.

Please note the "Really Useful Box & magnets are not included"

An excerpt from the UK Royal Mint:

As a result of the rising price of base metals, the composition of 1p and 2p coins was changed from bronze to copper-plated steel in 1992. Since then all 1p and 2p coins intended for circulation have been struck in copper-plated steel, with the exception of a quantity of 1998-dated 2p coins which were produced in the traditional bronze.

I would recommend offering the coin to a magnet before basing your models.

Once based in this method, your models can be stored and transported safely.



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