3/6 Man 25mm Skirmish Movement "Twin Trays C" for 25mm bases.


The twin trays; "3/6 Man Skirmish Movement Twin Trays C" have been designed to be suitable for rules such as Sharp Practice and Saga or where hordes are being used; Zulus and Zombies come to mind.

Made from 2mm MDF, each tray comes in two pieces (which need to be glued together with woodwork quality PVA) and has the 3 circular bases included.

The diameter of the hole is 25.4mm. This allows a comfortable fit of a 25mm diameter base, once painted. All 25mm bases are included in the pack.

The two trays have been designed to work as an individual tray holding 3 models or "link" them together to form a 6 man unit in a variety of configurations.

Please also see "4/8, 6/4 man Skirmish Movement Trays A & B" for alternative patterns. All trays are designed to "link" together giving a wide range of deployment options.

The last pictures shows a variety of 4 and 6 man trays linked together showing just a few of the configurations possible.

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