2/4 Man 2p Skirmish Movement "Twin Trays"


The twin trays: "2/4 Man Skirmish Movement Twin Trays" have been designed to be suitable for rules such as Sharp Practice (colour parties) Bolt Action (weapons teams) and Saga or where hordes are being used; Zulus and Zombies come to mind. When added to other trays in the collection,  a wide range of configurations can be made.

2 X 2 man trays are supplied. 

Made from 2mm MDF, each tray comes in two pieces (which need to be glued together with woodwork quality PVA) and has the 4 circular bases included.

The diameter of the hole is 26.3mm. This allows a comfortable fit of a 2p sized base, once painted. All 2p size bases are included in the pack.

The two trays have been designed to work as an individual tray holding 2 models or "link" them together to form a 4 man unit in a variety of configurations.

Please also see "3/6, 4/8, 6/12 & 8/16 man Skirmish Movement Trays for alternative patterns. All trays are designed to "link" together giving a wide range of deployment options.


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