28mm 1:56 "Pantile Ruin C"


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The 28mm 1:56  "Pantile Ruin C" kit, comes flat packed, unpainted and unassembled. PVA and either contact adhesive, epoxy resin or superglue will be required to complete this kit.

Suitable for gaming in Spain, Sicily, Italy or Mexico, this versatile kit can be used for WWII, Napoleonic, Wild West  or pirate themed scenarios.

The "Pantile Ruin C" is constructed from 2mm MDF for the floors and detailing with walls being cut in 3mm. All of the external walls are layered to thicken to 6mm. 

Cast resin exposed brickwork "inserts" and 3D printed pantile roof sections are included along with a 1/2 round strip of plasticard to cut for ridge tiles. 

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of roof  138mm

Width left to right 175mm

Depth back to front 120mm 

The wall texture, rubble piles, glue, paint, furniture and miniatures are not included in the flat packed kit. Furniture is by Rubicon, Fallschirmjager miniatures by Black Tree, Spanish Napoleonics: Front Rank & North Star. 

Please also see the other Pantile Ruins in this collection and "Pantile Rubble piles" also available on this website. 





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