"What a Cowboy" Dashboard


This is my "unofficial" take on the Too Fat Lardies WaC Dashboard. Designed to fit standard 12mm dice

The Dashboard comprises of 5 components:

A 100 x 100 2mm MDF base + a 100 x 100 engraved and slotted 3mm acrylic top layer together with 3 x Bonanza tokens

Simply "colour in" the engraved areas with a "dry wipe" whiteboard marker pen (not supplied) and wipe off to reveal the text. 

I spray primed this painted example with grey primer then a coat of black before gluing together with multi-purpose glue. (not PVA) Players can also spray dashboard base layer red to indicate the hearts suit of cards. 

The acrylic will be supplied with a protective polythene sheet attached, please peel this off before gluing to the MDF. Use a thumbnail to remove this from the "hollow letters" O, A, D, P etc. 

The level of your character can be indicated by placing a "dot" of dry wipe pen in the appropriate circle. Weapons, skills, wounds and experience can be similarly written on the plain section at the bottom of the dashboard. 

Please also see "What a Cowboy" Dashboard set of 4 also available on this website. 

If this is all you require in an order, please email me for an invoice. The "WaC Dashboard" can be sent as a large letter saving on postage. charliefoxtrotmodels@hotmail.com

Please note, paint, glue, dice and dry wipe pen are not incuded. Figues by Black Scorpion miniatures for display only. 


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