28mm 1:56 "Gateway"


Designed to compliment the "Georgian House" and "Driveway & Pond", the "Gateway" comes flat packed, is unpainted and requires assembly using PVA & general purpose adhesive such as epoxy resin, contact or Bostic / UHU.

The kit comprises of a base strip of 2mm MDF with etched lines indicating where to glue the walls. The walls are made by engraved 3mm MDF glued back to back with a pillar each end. 2mm capping tiles and glass beads are included together with the 2mm MDF gates.

It is recommended that one of the holes in the glass bead is filled with polyfilla, greenstuff, milliput or similar prior to gluing to the column tops and spray priming the wall.

Paint, adhesives and scenic effects are not included in this kit.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of gates 50mm

Width left to right 300mm

Depth back to front 20mm 

Gate width: 50mm.

Please also see the "Georgian House" and "Driveway & Pond" available elsewhere on this site.




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