28mm 1/56 Gabion Defences


28mm 1/56 Gabion Defences made by Debris of War come in a pack of six castings.

There are 2 each of single, double and triple gabions. 

The double and triple casts have a crescent end and a round end allowing you to position the defences in a variety of ways. 

Gabions are 22mm high to the top of the weave and 25mm to the top of the stakes (this does not include the thickness of the base at approximately 3mm). The 3 gabion section is 65mm long, 2 section 43mm long and single basket is 25mm.

The "Gabion Defences" can either be left freestanding, used for dioramas or set piece ground works or glued together to form strips. 

The painted images show the gabions glued together and have extra soil (milliput) to match the Artillery Gabions. The last picture shows the "Gabion Defences" used alongside the "Artillery Gabions" also on this site. 

Painted miniatures from Perry (ACW) and Front Rank (Russians) are for scale purposes only. 


Artillery Gabions as single piece castings to fit the Charlie Foxtrot Models Artillery Trays are available for models based on 1p, 2p coins or 25mm round bases. 

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