28mm 1:56 Red Brick Walls (2 x straight pieces )


The Red Brick Walls are laser cut MDF, come flat-packed and are unpainted. PVA will be required to assemble this product. 

TWO identical wall sections are included in this kit to make approximately 12" of wall.

The walls are deeply engraved back to back, 3mm MDF sitting on a 20mm wide 2mm MDF base for stability.

The engraved wall is 30mm high, blocking sight for foot troops.

Approximate dimensions:

Width: 150.5mm

Height to top of wall, including base: 32mm

Height to top of supporting pier: 35mm

Thickness: 6mm wall, 20mm base.

As it will be difficult to gauge demand for such a variety of wall options, walls will be cut to order. Please allow a couple of extra days on delivery to allow for this.

Please see other wall sections in this set and the Georgian Gateway, available elsewhere on this site.

Scenic effects and painted paratroopers are not included in this kit.

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