28mm 1:56 "Driveway & Pond"


Designed to compliment the "Georgian House" and "Gateway", the "Driveway & Pond" comes flat packed, is unpainted and requires assembly using PVA.

Included for the pond are two discs of 3mm clear acrylic and two optional strips to act as raised flower beds.

It is recommended that the base  of the pond is painted before one of the acrylic discs is dropped into place.

The goldfish were painted underneath the second acrylic disc and the top side was painted with lilly pads and duckweed. The tiled top "ring" was painted separately and glued in place to hide the waters edge.

Paint, PVA, miniatures, scenic effects and fish food are not included in this kit.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of tiled rim 10mm

Width left to right 210mm

Depth back to front 400mm  .(this is split into a straight driveway of 150mm and the tiled area 250mm in length.

Road width: 50mm.

Please also see the "Georgian House" and "Gateway" available elsewhere on this site.




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