28mm 1:56 Minefields


This model comprises of 2 6" x 6" squares (to comply with the suggested minefield size in the excellent Battlefield Europe book) with holes to accept fence posts.

Teller mines (15 pieces ) and 6 historically accurate German and 6 allies warning signs are included in this kit.

Please see the pictures of the unpainted parts as this is what you will recieve.

The picture of the painted kit is for illustrative purposes only, the German victim and barbed wire, sand and static grass etc. are NOT included in this auction. The crater is a bit of milliput with sand glued on. The signs are a quick and easy paint. I sprayed them white and drybrushed yellow. The black fine lines are deep engraved burn marks left as they come from the laser cutter. 

Approximate dimensions: Height 26mm

Length 152mm (exactly 6")

Depth 152mm (exactly 6")


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