3 Monster Movement Tray for 40mm bases. (Oathmark size)


The "3 Monster Movement Tray for 40mm bases" comes as a 2mm MDF base with a 3mm MDF lattice top. 

The tray will need assembly with a woodwork grade PVA and is supplied unpainted. 

Each square slot has been drawn to accept models that are based on 40mm squares. 

Around the edges of the tray are "V" marks at every 50mm. 

The tray size is:

3 Monster wide 150mm x 1 Monster deep 50mm

Please also see:

"5 Man, 10 Man, 15 Man & 20 Man Skirmish Movement Tray for 20mm bases" also available on this website.

 Many thanks to Paul Buller for the design concept of this range of trays. 

The second pictures shows this and other trays in the set. 


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