Ammo Tracker


This "Ammo Tracker" was co-designed with Ian Day and can be used to track AP and HE rounds for up to 5 tanks. Many thanks Ian for your creative input.

The "Ammo Tracker" comprises of a 2mm MDF base with engraved rings. Glue on the inner 3mm discs followed by the middle layer.

Place in the dials numbered 1-20 DRY. Please note: there are left hand and right hand dials.

Glue on the top layer and gently hold inplace with clothes pegs or repeated hand pressure around the edges. Please ensure that glue is kept away from the inner edges to avoid snagging the dials. Check the dials are free turning before leaving to dry. DO NOT apply weights or heavy clamps as this may prevent the dials turning.

The 5 x 3mm white acrylic labels can be marked with a dry wipe pen (not supplied).

Approximate dimensions:

Width: 160mm

Length: 284mm

Thickness: 7mm

Please note: as this is a specialist piece of kit, the Ammo Tracker will be cut to order and not held in stock. Please allow a few extra days for delivery.




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