28mm 1:56 Sci-Fi "Living Quarters"


This Sci-fi "Living Quarters" kit is supplied flat packed and unpainted. To complete this model YOU WILL NEED TO SOURCE 2 STANDARD SIZE SOFT DRINKS (SODA POP) CANS.

The living quarters consists of an entrance doorway which can be glued in the open door postiion to reveal internal "air lock" doors. The airlock doors are fixed in the closed position or could simply be left off if you wish to see inside via the doorway.

Internal access is easy as the twin vents on the roof panel act as handles, allowing models to be placed inside. The "comms unit" with 50mm spring steel aerial (supplied) can be placed on the roof for game play and stored inside for transporting the model.

The back of the living quarters has an air intake grille and two detailed escape hatches.

Approximate dimensions:

Height to top of vents: 100mm

Width left to right: 228mm

Depth back to front: 132mm

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