Muskets & Tomahawks "Deck of Chips" (unofficial set of 53 pieces)


The "Muskets & Tomahawks Tokens" were suggested by Leslie Bielby-Tipping & Ralph Ashdown as an alternative to drawing cards when playing the popular game by "Studio Tomahawk" (thanks guys).

Each piece has an engraved ring along the outer edge so that the border may be painted in red or blue as required. 

The 3mm thick diameter 26mm MDF "deck" consists of the following pieces:

Light x 4

Cavalry x 4

Light Infantry x 4

Line Infantry x 4

Indians x 4

Light Cavalry x 4

Tribal x 4

Irregular x 4

Regular x 4

Militia x 3

Provincials x 3

Clock x 3

Artillery x 2

Morale x 2

Forward Boys x 2

Civilains x 2









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