28mm 1:56 Pontoon Bridge


The Pontoon Bridge kit is a complete model in itself with a span of 224mm to 430mm.

Two different length extensions to this kit are available separately.

The kit is supplied flat packed and unpainted.

The kit comprises of a central bridge span with engraved planks, 2 girders, 2 ramps and 5 pontoons.

Please note the metal mesh applied to the ramps is not included in this kit.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of girders  47mm from water level. Height to top of girders from "road" level 30mm

Width left to right (available width between girders) 52mm. Please check your vehicles can fit through this prior to making your purchase.

Width of pedestrian sidewalks 22mm. This is sufficient to stand models on that have been mounted on 26mm diameter bases (or 2p coins).

Overall length main section 250mm ramps 125mm each


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