SE Asia: 28mm 1:56 "House 1"


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The 28mm 1:56  "SE Asia : House 1" kit, comes flat packed, unpainted and unassembled. PVA and either contact adhesive, epoxy resin or general purpose glue will be required to complete this kit.

Suitable for gaming in Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore or Viet Nam. 

The "SE Asia : House 1" is constructed from a mixture of 2mm, 3mm and 6mm MDF. Corrugated card is Included in the kit for you to clad the roof. 

Shutters and doors are supplied separately so you can paint them before gluing in place.

Approximate dimensions of building (not including steps):

Height to top of chimney 162mm

Width left to right 154mm

Depth back to front 123mm 

Approximate dimensions of base plate:

Width left to right 160mm

Depth back to front 212mm

What is included in the kit: 2mm, 3mm & 6mm MDF together with a sheet of corrugated card to clad the roof. 

What is not included: Paint, glue, scenif effects and miniature. 

Jungle Leaves as shown on the base of the building and the miniature are available from this site in the SE Asia collection. 

US Viet Nam era Marine by Gringo40s for scale purposes only.


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