Skirmish Tokens (may be suitable for Sharp Practice)


A set of 41 x 3mm MDF tokens.

The black powder era "Skirmish Tokens" may be suitable for rules such as Richard Clarke's (Too Fat Lardies) Sharp Practice.

The set contains:

6 x U/Cont. Fire, Cont. Fire, Present

2 x Walk, Canter, Gallop, Low Ammo, Damp Powder, Water

1 x -1 Pip Per Dice, 1/2 Move, Knocked out

8 x Leader Levels

Having played numerous games this is my unofficial take on what tokens I believe are required to make things run smoothly; with events not being missed in the heat of battle.

Please also see "Morale Tracker" and "Skirmish Movement trays"  also on this site.

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