"Double Dial Counters" wound markers: Set of 8


The "Double Dial" counters can display numbers 0-99 and have been designed for recording wounds on units in "Kings of War".  (by Mantic Games)

The "Double Dial Counters" are cut in 2mm and 3mm MFD, are unpainted, undecorated and require assembly using PVA.

Each dial consists of 8 pieces and engraved lines indicate where components should be fixed.

Approximate dimensions: Left to right: 70mm

Back to front: 35mm (not counting the tabs to rotate the dials)

Thickness: 7mm

The three examples give an indication as to how the "Double Dials" can be decorated. I dipped into my bits box to adorn the top primarily with Games Workshop plastic kit extras, stones, grit and sand. Scenic basing material is not included in the kits.


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