28mm 1:56 New World "Farmhouse"


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The  New World "Farmhouse" comes flat packed, is unpainted, untextured and requires assembly using woodwork quality PVA.

The roof and first floor lifts off to allow models to fit inside.

The "Farmhouse" has many period features including: cellar door to side, over-sized timber effect frame, door canopies, sash windows and authentic chimney.

Suitable for French Indian wars, the American War of Independence, through to the American Civil War.

Included in the kit is a set of laser cut card to stick to the walls to give the heavy timber effect. A filler was used to texture the walls between the cardboard strips. (the filler is not included in this kit).

A strip of angled plastic is also included to cover the apex seam of the roof. It is recommended that superglue, general purpose adhesive or epoxy resin is used to bond this to the roof.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of chimney stack:  168mm

Width left to right: 210mm including cellar door and door step.

Depth back to front: 152mm including front canopy and back step.

Painted models from Wargames Foundry are for scale purposes only. The curtains are brown envelope strips and are not included in this kit. The windows have been "glazed" with blister packaging which is not included with the kit.

The last two pictures show the "Farmhouse" with "Picket Fences" also available in this store.

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