Terrain Bases Set 1


The "Terrain Bases Set 1" is cut from 2mm MDF and included the 8 pieces pictured.

Designed for the scratchbuilder

When decorating the surface with PVA or filler it is recommended that a weight be applied to each end while drying particularly on the larger pieces. This will avoid any potential warping of the bases. It is also recommended that both sides are primed.

The largest piece measures approximately 330mm x 250mm

The smallest piece measures approximately 85mm x 50mm

Please also see Terrain Bases Set 2 for a different selection of shapes.

In the second picture, the 28mm Hetzer (by Warlord Games) and the 15mm Opal Blitz (by Forged in Battle) are for scale purposes only.

The painted images show the bases once built up with blue foam or rocks. 15mm tanks by Battlefront.

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