Terrain Bases Set 4


The "Terrain Bases Set 4" is cut from 3mm MDF and includes the 15 pieces pictured, taking up an approximate 600mm x 300mm footprint when on the table.

Supplied unpainted.

Designed for the scratchbuilder to make hills, rough ground, rocky outcrops, jungle sections etc.

Thanks to Richard Clarke from "Too Fat Lardies" for allowing use of this picture of his jungle terrain pieces. A step by step tutorial on how he achieved this effect can be found here. http://toofatlardies.co.uk/blog

If decorating the surface with PVA or filler it is recommended that a weight be applied to each end while drying. This will avoid any potential warping of the bases. It is also recommended that both sides are primed or painted.

Please also see "Terrain Bases Set 1, 2 & 3"


In the second picture, the 28mm Sherman (by Warlord Games) is for scale purposes only.


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