28mm 1:56 Eastern Front "Church"


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1:56 28mm Eastern Front  "Church" is suitable for Eastern European and rural Russian wargaming from Napoleon's "adventure" in Russia to WWII Eastern Front.

The kit comes flat packed and unpainted and needs PVA for wood to wood joins and either epoxy resin, contact adhesive or superglue to affix the resin onion dome.

The doors are supplied separately. This means you can spray paint them or hand paint as required and glue in once painted, either open or closed.

The three separate roof sections lift off as to allow internal access.

Included is a length of angle plastic strip to glue on as ridge planks or lead flashings. The onion dome (Manufactured by Mad Bob Miniatures) is a resin casting.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of onion dome 195mm

Width left to right at widest point 124mm

Depth back to front 310mm including steps.

Painted Artizan Designs miniatures are for scale purposes only.


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