28mm 1:56 New World "Homestead"


For instructions please click here. 

The "Homestead" comes flat packed, is unpainted and requires assembly using a woodwork quality PVA. A craft knife and emery board / sandpaper will be required to get the best results from this kit. 

The first floor and roof lift off to allow models to fit inside.

The "Homestead" is based on the Laura Secord Homestead building that is in Queenston Canada. Laura lived in this property from 1803 to 1835. More information can be found on the Niagra Parks website: https://www.niagaraparks.com/things-to-do/laura-secord-a-look-inside

Thanks to Kat Goldwarg of Niagara Parks for assisiting with information and photographs. 

Included in the kit is a length of laser cut card to fold and and stick to the apex as capping planks (this covers the seam along the top ridge).

Painted models from Wargames Foundry (AWI) and Gripping Beast (Front Rank) Napoleonic British Officer are for scale purposes only and are not included in this kit.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of chimney stack: 196mm

Width left to right: 255mm

Depth back to front: 141mm not including the steps.

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