28mm 1:56 Pantile Rubble Piles (set of 8 cast resin pieces)


A set of 8 cast unpainted resin rubble piles. The "Pantile Rubble Piles" differ from the "Resin Rubble Piles" in having "field stone" and broken pantile pieces rather than red brick pieces and slate tiles.  

These rubble sets add a new level of realism to any ruined building by changing the footprint. Use as many or as few as you like to reflect the damage of your buildings. 

This set has 2 internal, 3 external corner pieces and three straight pieces to customise your Charlie Foxtrot Models ruined Pantile buildings.

It is recommended that you lightly sand the base (if required)  and then wash with a detergent to remove any mould release prior to painting.

Rubble sections may be set in place each game or glued for a more permanent fix. 

The last image shows the Pantile Rubble fixed to "Pantile Ruin B" furniture by Rubicon Miniature by Black Tree (for scale purposes only)

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