Fantasy Oathmark "Well of Prophesy"


Drawn for personal use in the Oathmark military expedition 3 "The Well of Prophesy" scenario 3: "Securing the Well" from the "Oathbreakers" supplement ( Written by Joseph A McCullough published by Osprey Games. )

This 4 part kit is made from a 6" diameter 2mm thick base (with engraved circle to paint as water) and 3 x 3mm rings to stack, the top one being deeply engraved to give a stone effect. 

First I glued the 3 x 3mm rings together and distressed with a craft knife. I then applied a thin coat of ready mixed filler on the top and sides to add a stone texture.

The centre of the base was painted before the undercoated well "rings" were glued in place. The model was drybrushed and the "water" gloss varnished before I used my basing grit around the outside. Decorate to fit the theme of your army / table.

Paint, glue, scenic effects and miniatures are for illustrative purposes only and not part of this kit. 

Designers note: the rules indicate that a 6" well should be placed in the centre of the table. A 6" well looked more like a large pond so I took the liberty of reducing the well yet retained the 6" diameter base. 

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