Wargames Soldiers & Strategy: Review September 4, 2015 12:36

Yes! My issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy arrived yesterday (no 80) and I was delighted to see that Charlie Foxtrot Models "L'Ecole" has been reviewed. I am so pleased with Guy Bower's (editor WS&S) positive comments.

It seems like a lot has happened since "L'Ecole" was a new release. The stables, shop back yards, 3 x 20mm buildings, the Bank de France and the Eastern Front collection were all released after "L'Ecole". I guess the lead-in time for a bi-monthly publication causes inevitable delays in getting news out. I would much rather recieve the magazine monthly!

On second thoughts, I would prefer to wait and have high quality content rather than "fluff" and more photos.


Buyers beware, this kit has a very large footprint and is really imposing on the table!