New Release : 28mm 1:56 "New World Tavern" and Debris of War resin. April 6, 2018 11:45

Based on the Weatherburn Tavern in Williamsburg Virginia, the New World Tavern is a real table centrepiece; suitable for AWI and ACW gaming. This large kit, crammed with period features comes with card ridge tiles to cover the roof seams.

Thanks agian to Ron Carnegie from Virginia for the 360 degree pictures that made this kit possible.

The model pictured has benefitted from optional extras: 3 sheets of "Roof Tiles 2" and resin barrels from "Debris of War" all available instore.

While designing the kit, I searched for barrels to enhance the theme of the building and bought a few from Debris of War. I was so impressed with the products that I now stock selected items from their range that compliments my buildings. Barrels and barrel stacks, both large and small. I also stock their crates, also in two sizes.

It you have not seen the full range of Debris of War resin products, please visit

Redcoats by Wargames Foundry.

A tutorial on this kit appears after this release notice.

New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Shiloh Church" January 31, 2018 15:05

After many hours of research and developing :thanks to Perry Cuskey from Tennessee for additional info., I am happy to release 28mm 1:56  "Shiloh Church". An essential terrain piece which gave its name to the American Civl War Battle of Shiloh.

The kit has a number of features such as: heavy foundation timbers, exposed roof trusses, internal fireplace, open steps and cardboard roof shingles (included in the kit).



New release 28mm 1:56 "Pantile Store" September 12, 2017 09:49

The "Pantile Store" is the smallest kit in the collection designed as a supporting building to place alongside the "Pantile Stables" or pad out the grounds of something larger like "Pantile House 2". The last picture shows the Pantile Store with last week's release "Pantile Hermitage". This is the 9th kit so far in the range and a further two at the pencil drawing stage.

Suitable for Spanish, Mexican, Italian or Carribbean settings. Through Pirates, Peninsular War, Spanish Civil War and WWII.

New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Pantile House 1" November 11, 2016 11:06

Suitable for Napoleonic Peninsular War, Spanish Civil War, Italian WW2, Wild West Mexican or even pirates of the Carribean settings. This kit is the first in a new range of MDF and resin hybrid kits from Charlie Foxtrot Models...for a step by step tutorial on how I achieved this effect..please see the previous post.

New Release: "Swimming Pool" May 20, 2016 10:51

Whether it is to grace the back garden of your WWII French Chateau or the zombie infested gardens of suburbia the "Swimming Pool" adds to the range of water themed terrain pieces. 

Using a dry-fix clear 3mm acrylic sheet to provide the water effects, the "Swimming Pool" effect is enhanced with wavy tiles engraved to the pool floor. The steps are removable so, if a Koi pond is required, leave the steps off and glue the tiled area upside down. Paint fish on the underside of the acrylic as required.




New Release: Small Tree Bases 1 to 4 May 6, 2016 18:23

To compliment the new Desert / Semi-arid collection, the "Small Tree Bases" are now released. Based on the popular "Tree Bases" the "Small Tree Bases" circular stands are 50mm in diameter and are more suited to smaller trees / shrubs or slender palm type trees. Four different styles are available and when combined with the "Oasis" released last week, can quickly populate a "dry" table.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you fixing smaller green trees for other genres of wargaming!

Palm trees can be found in the Desert / Semi-arid collection on this site.

New release "Red Brick Walls" & "Stone Walls" February 23, 2016 12:37

To compliment the "Georgian Gateway" and "Farm Tile" I have released a range of wall sections. Lots of variation in a modular system means the walls can be configured in many different ways. The generic walls are suited to a wide range of gaming scenarios. If there is a configuration you would like that I may have missed, please mail me and let me know.

New Release 20mm 1/72 HO/OO "Workshop" November 23, 2015 11:57

To expand the farmhouse set, I am pleased to release the "Workshop" in 20mm scale. The workshop has two sets of main double doors so you can have them glued in the open or closed position. To get even more variety, the roof can be placed onto the building in two ways, apex to the front or apex to the sides.

This model compliments the recently released 20mm scale "Farmhouse" and "Stone barn"


New Releases: Eastern Front "Razed buildings 1 & 2"....the authentic smell of burnt wood comes free with every kit! September 21, 2015 09:17

Whilst doing research into the Eastern Front, I was moved by an image of standing chimneys and burnt out wooden homes. I have now released two models based on this research and proudly present "Razed House 1 & 2".

Razed 1 has steps up to the floor and a hole showing floor timbers and the ground beneath.

Razed 2 has the same footprint as "Rural House 1" so can be used as a replacement should the original take a hit.

Both models are a cost effective way of populating an Eastern Front table when combined with the intact buildings. These models would fit into Eastern European, Stalingrad and American Civil War layouts.

Please note: the burnt smell does wear off and sniffing war gaming  buildings is not recommended.

New Release x2: "Tool Shed" & "Log Store" August 17, 2015 14:19

Two new releases today.... "Tool Shed" and "Log Store" are both available in store.

I originally designed these with the Eastern Front collection in mind however now they are together I think they would suit a wide range or theatres and times. Both models come with the waney edged card for the roof tops to match last week's release: Eastern Front "Rural House 1".

I did tile one wood store with slate effect cardboard and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The tiles are available separately in the store and could be a good way uf using up your last few tiles left over from a larger building.

The "Log Store" has been designed to back onto either a house or the "Tool Shed". It does have a "planked" back panel so could also be free standing too.

The last picture gives a glimpse of a larger building for the Eastern Front collection due for release in the next day or two.  Please watch this space or "like" the Charlie Foxtrot Models Facebook page for further details.  

New Release: Eastern Front Rural House 1 August 3, 2015 17:23

I am pleased to release this wooden, planked eastern European / Russian rural house. This model is part of a planned range of buildings to form a small rural village. I would like to thank Geoff Coe for his inspiring images which led me to produce this model. Geoff has kindly furnished me with plenty of resource material for me to really get me teeth into. Please do watch this space and "Like" my Charlie Foxtrot Models facebook page to see my new releases as they happen. I have been working long hours on this it really "work" when you do not want to stop? I think the best time to produce a model, is on the back of a new release; before I lose the excitement. Rural house 2 is in the sketchbook stage and computer drawings will start this week.


New Release "Banque De France" / office / residential property July 23, 2015 11:32

I am pleased to release my new kit, a 1:56 28mm "Banque De France" / Georgian style bank / office / residential building. This model is packed with period features and details.

This model is suitable for Napoleonic through to present day gaming.

Georgian style buildings are abundant on Normandy for official buildings like banks, police stations, offices and municipal buildings. Equally as popular in the UK; this style building was usually built as a residential dwelling yet became converted for other functions. Solicitors, dentists and accountants often practise in buildings like this.

This model comes with the option for a bank with sineage and grilles for the downstairs windows. Parts are included to assemble the model without the bank sign and barred windows, making an official building or residential property.

Ideally suited to Eastern European WW2 wargaming and UK based games like VBCW.

The kit comes flat packed and unpainted and needs PVA to assemble.

Windows, doors and window grilles are supplied separately. This means you can spray paint them or hand paint as required and glue in once painted. This keeps paint off your walls.

The roof lifts off as does the 1st floor to allow internal access. The roof to the covered doorway is fixed. Chimney pots and capping tiles are included as with all Charlie Foxtrot models.