28mm 1:56 Eastern Front "Hunter's Lodge"


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1:56 28mm Eastern Front  "Hunter's Lodge" is suitable for Eastern European and rural Russian wargaming. It would not look out of place on a fantasy skirmish table either! 

 An unusual dwelling found in the more remote areas of Central and Eastern Europe, used as a hunters lodge or mountaineers night stop.  The unusual roof design is so arranged to shed snow.

The kit comes flat packed and unpainted and needs PVA to assemble.

Windows, and doors are supplied separately. This means you can spray paint them or hand paint as required and glue in once painted. The window frames come in two configurations. Top window can be opened, bottom windows closed and top window fixed bottom panes can be opened.

The roof lifts off to allow internal access.

Included is a set of cardboard "waney edged planks" to clad the roof.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of chimney pot 103mm

Width left to right 70mm footprint, 100mm roof width.

Depth back to front 70mm footprint, 100mm roof depth.

Painted Russian miniature is for scale purposes only.

Please see my "Wood Effects" tutorial in the blog. The painting of the "Hunter's Lodge" is shown step by step.



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