28mm 1:56 Eastern Front "Rural House 2"


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1:56 28mm Eastern Front  "Rural House 2" is suitable for Eastern European and rural Russian wargaming. It would not look out of place on a "Dead Mans Hand" or fantasy skirmish table either! 

I took inspiration from an old black & white picture which had carts and agricultural equipment stored underneath the living space.

The kit comes flat packed and unpainted and needs PVA to assemble.

Windows, and doors are supplied separately. This means you can spray paint them or hand paint as required and glue in once painted. The window frame in the top gable end is fixed to avoid damage when in use. 3 large doors are supplied for the double width carthouse entrance. Two are "Z" one plain so you can configure in a variety of ways.

The roof lifts off as does the 1st floor to allow internal access.

Included is a length of angle plastic strip to glue on as ridge planks or lead flashings. Plastic tube is also supplied for the chimney pot.

Approximate dimensions: Height to top of chimney pot 157mm

Width left to right 200mm

Depth back to front 138mm.

Painted German miniature is for scale purposes only.

The "Log Store" in the second to last picture, backing onto "Rural House 2"  is available separately in the Charlie Foxtrot Models shop. The last picture shows comparative size with "Rural House 1", "the "Tool Shed" and "Log Store". 


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