Crop Field B 200mm x 150mm (2mm version)


 The "Crop Field" B is made from 2mm MDF and is supplied unassembled and unpainted.  It is recommended that a woodwork quality PVA is used to complete this kit. 

The kit comprises of a 2mm base tray with 2mm thick surround together with 12 50mm x 50mm x 3mm bases. 

The painted example has been assembled and a filler used to taper the perimeter to provide a gradual transition to the table. 

Please note: when painting and applying filler it will be necessary to apply weights to the crop tray to keep flat while the model is drying. I placed the model on a flat surface and used tinned food as weights to keep flat overnight. 

Other size Crop Fields are also available on this site. 

Please also see the 3mm thick version also on this website. 


Corn Plants by JTT Scenics & Union Minis by Wargames Foundry for scale purposes only and not included with the Crop Tray. 8 hole movement tray Charlie Foxtrot Models is also available on this site. 


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