"Pond 1"


Click here to view the tutorial.


A roughly circular shape, "Pond 1" is flat packed and requires PVA to assemble.

The "Pond 1" kit comprises of a 2mm MDF base and 2mm MDF "frame". A sheet of clear acrylic plastic is included which is "dry fitted". Use PVA to coat the upper surface of the surrounding frame and around the seam where the acrylic meets the MDF. Add your usual basing materials: gravel, sand, filler and flock or static grass as required.

A full tutorial on how I achieved the effects is in my blog. Click here for Tutorial.

This kit comprises of 3 pieces. Scenic materials, paint and PVA are not included. The painted example and painted miniature is for illustrative purposes only.

Approximate dimensions: diameter 130mm


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