New Release: "Ponds 1 & 2" April 13, 2016 19:16

Probably the simplest and most versatile pice of terrain I have ever designed. "Ponds 1 & 2" are a quick and simple way of getting impassible terrain on your table top.Suitable for so many scales and genres of wargaming and railway layouts.

Assembly is easy: glue the "frame" to the base and, once dry, paint the bottom. An acrylic insert (included in the kit) is placed dry onto the painted base. Add your usual basing materials: gravel, flock etc. to cover the seam.

In my examples, lilly pads and duckweed have been painted on top of the acrylic.

Please read the previous blog, giving a step by step tutorial on how I achieved the effects.

Both ponds are available now in the webstore......

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