First Charlie Foxtrot Models Blog Post March 30, 2015 08:57

Hi and welcome to the first ever Charlie Foxtrot Blog.

I have finally pressed the "go live" button on the website after many hours wrestling with my keyboard. I feel much more comfortable with a mouse drawing with my Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, the learning curve has been very steep.

Thanks must go to all of my E bay customers and friends who have supported me by buying my products, giving me excellent feedback and encouragement. Thanks to the many people who have passed on suggestions which I have used to improve my product range and ideas for new projects.

I hope the products I have launched today meet many of your needs. I do have a full sketch book and uncountable research photographs for future additions to the ranges.

I fully intend to produce product ranges or collections rather than the odd "one off" as I know from experience that matching style, scale and utility of wargaming products can at times be difficult. With that said, I on occasion, get (according to friends) OCD and just "HAVE TO"  do a particular model. The ideas will go through my head, preventing sleep,  until I complete the CAD drawings and can revisit the range I was previously working on.

With a full sketch book and a wealth of photographs, I have plenty of inspirational material to continue producing models for about 24 months. I would however still like to hear from anyone with an idea for a new project, building or range or products. There may be a scale or period you play and have difficulty sourcing tokens, templates or scenery. If that sounds like you.......PLEASE  drop me a line on this Blog so ideas can be bounced around.

I just "HAVE TO" go and photograph a building that is screaming out to be made in 28mm 1:56 scale.

I will post again soon, in the meantime please trawl the site and pass on any feedback comments....I will be glad to hear them..

I am still working on the format for the customer gallery, please check back at a later date to view some of the fantastic painting!