On the workbench April 3, 2015 12:28

It has been a busy week, this website was launched and within 24 hours I had my first online order. Thanks Barrie from Tazmania,  I have posted your models and put in a small freebie for you!

I had a large acrylic order arrive from my supplier so look out for new templates and tokens soon. First up are a set of 10 black acrylic "Skull Tokens". These can be used over a number of gaming systems. Considering they are very light in weight they are unlikely to inflate your postal charges.

When proof reading my descriptions etc, November Foxtrot (the wife Nik) asked if I had left off "Ruined House 3" as I had not listed it. The reason for this is that I had produced the model over a year ago and was not happy, there was something missing; it just didn't look right.  A few people asked to buy the original at the Plymouth PAW show in February but I had not gone into production with it. This week I reviewed the computer files again and thought a quick fix was in order.

This did not turn out to be the case and a major revamp took place until I was happy with the result. The following pictures are Mark 2 "Ruined House 3". Before this can be listed in the shop, I need to draw a packaging header and an instruction sheet. I also plan to move the hole in the wall at the raised gable end. All was fine on the positioning until I got the bright idea of having more exposed brickwork. This made the hole lower and only kneeling models can fire out.

Any other improvements are gratefully recieved......for example, I envisiged the building hit from a tank HE round or two. I did the stairwell slightly higher so the trajectory looks right. Have I over thought this? Does it need to be lower to see the staircase better or is having some total block of line of sight a better payoff? Looking forward to comments and suggestions...

For the coming week I will be finishing the painting of a large model with a footprint of almost a square foot. Watch this space...

Happy Easter,

cheers Colin