New Release: "The Terrace" April 12, 2015 16:46

This week sees the release of a building I have had in the pipeline for some time. I wanted to release two versions of this building together with front & back yards. The French version has a steeply pitched roof with dormers and the windows have shutters. The British version was designed for alternative history games with Dad's Army types fighting German Paras or "A Very British Civil War". The British version has a lower pitched roof and dormers and shutters have been removed. For more pictures of all 4 models, please visit the shop. The moss patches are Mini Natur self adhesive moss. Peel & stick on to break up that grey expanse. Expensive yet you only use a few, I am sure one pack would be enough for a complete village so good value for money in the long run.

The model was a very quick paint job. I sprayed the middle section black. I then sprayed all the model grey primer. Next, I masked off the centre house and sprayed over the grey with white primer. as all 3 cans are in my "always keep in stock" I did not have to go out and buy anything. I sprayed the white lightly on the "scruffy end" and sprayed a second coat on the "tidy end". A quick brown shade wash and a very watered down black shade wash the walls were complete. I sprayed the windows at the same time as the walls. The only one that saw a paintbrush for base coating was the blue. The roof was painted dark greay emulsion from a tester pot and the progressively lighter patches of emulsion were added; again from tester pots. To speed up the process, no paint was mixed. A few dabs of Vallejo German Orange Ochre and Ghost Grey were added for the weathered aged lichen covered look I like.


I had fun with the back yards, emptying my bases decorative scenics box. The walls were spray painted "red oxide" primer. A quick highlight was applied from yet another tester pot of emulsion. I wish I had seen the red oxide primer before I painted trhe "Georgian House" saves so much time. The back yard walls are deliberately tall to block line of sight. The party fences can be seen over, giving some tactical variety.

With the addition of the front and back yards, this model has a large footprint and will form the centre of the table. I have visions of placing this opposite the row of 4 shops. Look out for this at Exeter Legionary show. Two of my gaming mates, Paul Buller & Big Ron Leacy are playing a demo Bolt Action game at the show, using my terrain. Both chaps are very accomplished painters so it should be quite a spectacle.
On the workbench this week is a complex roof for a large building, once more this will be suitable and customisable for both French and British scenarios. I have just cut the walls and window detail ....I always get apprehensive at this point hoping that the many hours on the computer designing pay off and it fits together! Watch this space.