New Release: Sword & Spear gaming aid April 22, 2015 17:14

Having played a few games of Sword & Spear, I was immediately hooked and quickly invested in the rulebook. This week's release has been developed alongside professional painter Kev Shilito and in consultation with Mark Lewis the author of the rule book. I am please to say the Data Stick and gaming tokens have been approved and can be labelled as the  "official" set.

If you have not tried Sword & Spear, invest in a copy, it comes highly recommended!

It is fast play and makes you think throughout without getting bogged down in superflous detail. There is very little reference needed to the book ...if you have the Data Stick handy.

I did say to myself "no new projects, no new armies" and here I am planning a 15mm ancients army.

40mm x 15mm and 40mm x 30mm bases in both 2mm and 3mm are also available in the shop.