Tutorial: Step by Step "Table Edge Terrace" Part 4: finishing touches April 29, 2015 16:35

If you have just opened this blog, you can check how I got to this stage by reading the first 3 tutorials.

Before I continue the thread, I am going to give an alternative roof painting technique. I am sure you are all familiar with drybrushing so I did a couple of examples. The roof painting method on tutorial 3 is time consuming compared to drybrushing. The first image below is grey paint drybrushed going downhill. This leaves a too uniform, flat effect. It would be improved by painting a dark colour first and drybrushing a lighter tome over.

This next image has been drybrushed going uphill "against the grain" of the roof tiles. With a dark undercoat and a paler drybrush over the card tiles 3D effect will be further enhanced.

The finishing touches are my favourite part as they bring the model together and means it is almost table ready.

With the paint on the roof and wall fully dry, I mixed water to brown wash and liberally daubed this on with a downward stroke, I used a large (very) brush and worked quickly. When this initial was was dry, I repeated the process using, this time a very watery mix of Vallejo Green Brown. This time I did not go so far up the walls, keeping the weathered look closer to ground level.

The windows were trimmed from the acetate using a pair of scissors. I then used PVA to glue the windows in place. I then finished painting the shutters and glued them into position. For the white, I sprayed grey and oversparayed white. For the grey, I sprayed grey and painted a paler tone of grey on top. For the black, I sprayed black and did a highlight with a charcoal grey. On the white and grey shutters, I picked out the metal bracket hinges with black before using contact adhesive to glue in place. PVA will do the job, but takes longer to dry.

The doors were sprayed like the windows and shutters. I then went in with a brush to highlight, leaving a line of shadow, showing the base coat.

 The chimneys were painted black inside and given a couple of coats of Vallejo Terracotta to complete.


The last and very satistying step is to apply self adhesive moss. I try to imagine which way is north facing and stick the moss where is more likely to be damp.

The final image........right, now what is next to paint?

I have finished with 3 whole days to spare before Exeter Legionary......I cannot wait to see this model on a fully terrained table. Ron Leacy and Paul Buller who are gaming on the table this Saturday, both have superbly painted armies, it should be a real piece of eye-candy.