Exeter Legionary May 5, 2015 12:04

I really enjoyed the Exeter show, such a spacious venue, easy and free parking, relaxed atmosphere, good cafe....and best of all demonstration games to rival that of SALUTE. My only gripe was that there were no tournaments taking place. I do like to see competition armies composition, painting skills and styles and of course, pick up on strategic hints and tips from participating entrants. With that said, there was still loads to see...here are a few pictures I took on the day. Sorry if I took pictures which do not appear here, the lighting was just a bit too low for "regular" photography and my flash just bleaches out all the colour......apologies if I did not catch your details but I could not leave Mrs Foxtrot holding the fort on her own for long as it was far too busy.

The first picture shows my good mate Ron Leacy playing on the Charlie Foxtrot Models demo table. Here Ron looks really happy that his artillery bombardment on the first turn, after a few freaky dice rolls, knocked out his own Sherman. What a good sport! More on this table later.....just check out the range of scales & periods...

A real visual feast, I wish more of my pictures were of this quality to share.

The above 2 pictures are of another Bolt Action demo...looking very different ...the explosions look so realistic.....I will be making some of them soon. Apologies to the chap who put this game on was so open with his modelling ideas and I did not catch his name.

The above 2 pictures were taken mid battle from Rob Broom's impressive War & Conquest demo table.

The detail in this 15mm game was outstanding. I was also drawn to the wonderful gaming mat, it worked so well in this scale.


And back to the Charlie Foxtrot Table....

Ron's flamethrower house hopped and flamed Paul's Germans in the open. The "Dice Gods" were not with Ron as the German unit was still there when I came to view the game again. 

Thanks again to Ron Leacy & Paul Buller for putting on the demo, doing the set up and the careful pack up too! Cheers.

Exeter will definately be in my calendar next year. Thanks to the organisers, the show went really well.