On the Workbench: School, Church, Chapel of Rest, Civic Building May 12, 2015 21:05

I have just completed a new kit. This project started on the day I opened my webstore www.charliefoxtrotmodels.com. I took a lot of pictures of this building which I found really interesting. I have spent many hours since, drawing and developing my prototype of the kit.  All I need to do is complete the packaging and cut some stock,  prior to release.

This building was originally a village primary school yet could easily be a church, chapel of rest or town hall. I originally was going to run with the title "L'Ecole" to further my WW2 Europe collection. Having made the model I feel it has great potential in Bolt Action,  "A Very British Civil War" , alternative history and Dad's Army themed games. The Warlord Games Germans and Army Group North SDKFZ/10 give an indication of size......this kit is HUGE!

Breaking away from how I usually present my model kits (with printed instructions), I have taken step-by-step assembly pictures which would be posted on this site for reference.

I would be grateful for ideas on how I should name this multi-use kit and if you think on-line instructions are preferable to paper copies.