New Release: Shops "Back Yards" June 2, 2015 11:58

This week, Charlie Foxtrot Models are releasing three back yards for the row of French style shops.

I designed the models for the Plymouth Association of Wargamers show Bolt Action demonstration game which took place last February. Due to the many requests from that show and Exeter Legionary, I have now included them in my product range.

The back yards have been designed to fit "Le Brasserie", "Le Boulangerie" & "Tabac".

The yards increase the shops footprint and add an extra level of realism. Each back yard is large enough to have a Charlie Foxtrot "outside W/C". With walls at 33mm high, they block line of sight. party fences however can be fired over.

Once placed in a row, the back yards "line up" so you can place them next to a straight back lane or road.

Each of the back yards come with optional 2 side walls or fences, so you can use them with the shop as a "stand alone" rather than in the row of terrace shops as pictured.