New Release: 28mm 1:56 New World "Kitchen" January 19, 2017 12:06

The Kitchen has been released as a supporting building for the large "Tidewater Home".This building may also be used as a workers rural farmhouse. Please watch this  space for another workers farmhouse version, due soon.

Inspired by photographs taken by Ron Carnegie (Thanks Ron).This building is suitable for a range of periods, from French-Indian Wars, through American War of Independence to the American Civil War.

Regular readers of this blog and my Facebook page would know that I am not big on doing interiors to buildings for a variety of reasons. I could not however, ignore the chimney being such a dominating feature. An open fireplace seemed essential.

This lower status building has engraved split wood wall cladding and shingles to the roof. Shutters, both opened and closed are supplied for the two back windows and the window in the gable end.