New Releases 20mm Buildings and Battlegroup token set. June 30, 2015 06:55

My plastic and thin plywood order has arrived! I can now offer for sale the 20mm scale "La Brasserie" together with a 20mm version of the very popular "Dormer House 2". The dormer house 2 can be used for WW2, the Franco Prussian war and even Napoleonics. The thin plywood was worth waiting for and I am pleased that the shutters look more "in scale" than some of the offerings made by other 20mm scale manufacturers.

To run alongside the 20mm collection of buildings (which will be added to) is a token set for "Battlegroup". The set of tokens replaces the card tokens that come with the book and has additional tokens to aid gameplay.

I have produced the "Air Attack" token as an outline not a fully shaded silhouette. This means that when selecting tokens from the cannot feel for THAT token!

If you click onto the new releases sections further details and additional pictures can be found on each of these products.

I am busy cutting copies of the 20mm buildings and new token sets in readiness for Battlegroup South's show at Bovington next weekend.

 In the picture above, on the left is the 28mm version and on the right, 20mm showing comparative sizes.

 The 20mm unpainted model has 4mm plastic tube supplied with the kit for chimney pots. Also provided is the plastic angle piece for the capping tiles, so it really does have the same quality as the big sister.

 Battlegroup tokens are cut in 3mm MDF and are availble now in the online shop.