New Release "Banque De France" / office / residential property July 23, 2015 11:32

I am pleased to release my new kit, a 1:56 28mm "Banque De France" / Georgian style bank / office / residential building. This model is packed with period features and details.

This model is suitable for Napoleonic through to present day gaming.

Georgian style buildings are abundant on Normandy for official buildings like banks, police stations, offices and municipal buildings. Equally as popular in the UK; this style building was usually built as a residential dwelling yet became converted for other functions. Solicitors, dentists and accountants often practise in buildings like this.

This model comes with the option for a bank with sineage and grilles for the downstairs windows. Parts are included to assemble the model without the bank sign and barred windows, making an official building or residential property.

Ideally suited to Eastern European WW2 wargaming and UK based games like VBCW.

The kit comes flat packed and unpainted and needs PVA to assemble.

Windows, doors and window grilles are supplied separately. This means you can spray paint them or hand paint as required and glue in once painted. This keeps paint off your walls.

The roof lifts off as does the 1st floor to allow internal access. The roof to the covered doorway is fixed. Chimney pots and capping tiles are included as with all Charlie Foxtrot models.