New Releases: Smoke Markers and Roof Tiles September 7, 2015 11:59

Having played a recent game of Bolt Action and been hampered by smoke from a 2" mortar all game; I realised how I had previously underestimated how powerful smoke can be on the table top.

I have made 2 kits: 3" & 4" Smoke Markers. Each set contains 5 x 2mm MDF discs and sufficient new polyester fibre to make up five smoke markers. It is recommented that a contact or general purpose adhesive is used to glue the polyester to the MDF discs.

Due to demand, I have also increased the range of card "roof tiles". To support my range of 20mm 1:72 buildings, I have released A4 card roof tile sheets in 2 styles.

 To further support the Eastern Front 28mm range of models I have listed in the shop A4 card "Waney Edge" roof "planks". These planks may also be used to clad walls to change the look if multiple models of the same type are bought. 

On the workbench and hopefully ready for Colours this weekend is a new addition to the fantasy range. Look out for this release next week!