New Releases: Eastern Front "Razed buildings 1 & 2"....the authentic smell of burnt wood comes free with every kit! September 21, 2015 09:17

Whilst doing research into the Eastern Front, I was moved by an image of standing chimneys and burnt out wooden homes. I have now released two models based on this research and proudly present "Razed House 1 & 2".

Razed 1 has steps up to the floor and a hole showing floor timbers and the ground beneath.

Razed 2 has the same footprint as "Rural House 1" so can be used as a replacement should the original take a hit.

Both models are a cost effective way of populating an Eastern Front table when combined with the intact buildings. These models would fit into Eastern European, Stalingrad and American Civil War layouts.

Please note: the burnt smell does wear off and sniffing war gaming  buildings is not recommended.