New Releases: "Double Dial Counters" for Kings of War and 28mm 1:56 Eastern Front "Rural House 3" September 28, 2015 11:24

Having just played my first few games of Kings of War by Mantic Games, I have been so excited about getting out my fully painted Warhammer Fantasy Battles armies out of the cabinets and using them again. I have only invested in a few packs of mantic models just to "fill out the corners", the "Fleabags" are just so nice.

I have designed a double dial counter which can be customised to suit your basing style and decorated with amy specific "spares" from your bits box. Sold in sets of 8 the dials can be quickly assembled and immediatly used plain. The double dials can them be decorated as part of your army project.

Please note, the "Double Dials" are my own design and have not been made in association with Mantic Games.


With the footprint of last weeks release "Razed 1" comes Eastern Front "Rural House 3". "Rural House 3" has even more authentic features than other models in this collection and would be seen as a higher status dwelling. The model has ornately carved window and front door surrounds. A half hipped roof with waney edged cardboard planking is also included (the plastic angle piece running along the apex, like most of my kits is also included) The carved corner boards, although decorative, are to prevent damage to the dwelling from horse and cart accidents!